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A followup opinion article to Teacher Says Students Aren’t Christian if They Support Obama

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Via Laurens County GA Democratic Party Facebook Page

The Thing You Have To Look At: The Parent-Teacher Conference

nancy price perry
Bill Perry on Left and Nancy Perry in Middle

What Nancy Perry did was not that she had a “bad day.” No. That is not what happened. If Nancy Perry had just had a “bad day” — LIKE WE ALL HAVE HAD — I, you and everyone I know — regardless of political party and regardless of any religious affiliation — WE WOULD ALL have rallied behind her. A teacher in this day and time — a lot is put upon him or her — and we all know that “things happen.” Nancy Perry, I would argue and point out — after telling her students that our President is not a Christian — after telling her students that if anyone votes for our President that they are not a Christian — after telling our students to “prove their Christianity TO HER — after telling our students that, if their parents voted for our President, that their parents are then not Christians — after trying to create doubt and bully people’s family relationships — after being able to go home and “think about it” — after being able to think about what she did for a few days and a few nights — what did Nancy Perry do? — What did she do?

She invited her School Board husband to sit in on the parent conference.
She brought some pages she had downloaded from the Internet to show she was not alone in her extreme convictions.
She wanted to go ONE STEP FURTHER – and this was after having a few days and nights to think about it and sleep on it….


This is not the action of a person who just had a “bad day” — this is not the action of a person who “thinks” and realizes that perhaps — just perhaps — she had crossed the line.

Nancy Perry is a Bully.
And — to make sure she can bully the way she seems to want, she brought in her Husband — a local personality on the radio, a school board member, and a out-loud-and-proud extreme fundamentalist.

Look at the actions she took – not her half-hearted distancing herself now from what is reported — look at her just simply stating “it is not true” and “it is an unfortunate situation.” That is exactly like saying, “I’m sorry you are upset” = rather than saying, “I’m sorry for what I said and did.” She is not apologetic.

Look at her actions.
This is an off-the-chain teacher — who is not sorry.
This is the action of a systematic bully — someone who has done this before – someone who is very comfortable in bullying her students.

Look at the community — silent — silent as to the names — silent as to any real action — silent as to the real implications of what she was “caught’ doing “this time.”

Look at the action and inaction.

This is not over and this is not going-away.

These remarks belong in some church, some Sunday-school, some religiously-affiliated school — not the public school system we have worked so hard for to educate EVERYONE — regardless of how someone votes or how someone believes.

We don’t send our kids to public school to have their families and the families’ voting choices demeaned. America is a place for everyone — including non-Christians and including people who do not vote Democratic — is it only the Democratic party that realizes this?
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By Alan Wood

Musings of an unabashed and unapologetic liberal deep in the heart of a Red State. Crusader against obscurantism. Optimistic curmudgeon, snark jockey, lovably opinionated purveyor of wisdom and truth. Multi-lingual world traveler and part-time irreverent philosopher who dabbles in writing, political analysis, and social commentary. Attempting to provide some sanity and clarity to complex issues with a dash of sardonic wit and humor. Thanks for visiting!

45 thoughts on “Teacher That Said Obama and Supporters Aren’t Christian Doubles Down”
  1. She isn’t a “bully”. She is partially correct. Obama is “NOT” a Christian. However, just because someone voted for Obama does not make them a non-Christain. Get a grip….this isn’t bullying.

    1. That is simply not true about Obama not being Christian. People may not like the man, his policies, or even his denomination (United Church of Christ) but he is a Christian. In fact so many people in comments seemed to believe that mistruth that I decided to write an entirely separate article to address that. Obama Conspiracy Theories and Other Lies Debunked

      1. Why is she having this conversation with a student== so inappropriate at the outset. and yes, what Alan says above is true about Obama’s church and status as a Christian.

        Further, this teacher needs a course on how to decide if a news source is biased. She needs remedial instruction.

    2. Typical right wing dogma… you make a statement then have no facts to back it up… Tell us WHY Obama is not a Christian….
      No Faux news witticisms, verifiable facts only.

    3. Her actions are not theoretically “bullying” but, Ms. Perry did have a “captive” audience of Middle School Students on whom she forced her political and religious opinion. Not only did she voice her beliefs but she stated that by voting for Pres. Obama their parents were not Christians. She further stated that they needed to “prove to her that they (the students) were Christians. We have separation of Church and State for a reason. She used intimidation and her position of power as a teacher to force her views on children. Then to bring her husband, a BOE member to a meeting with the parents and present them with documents that reinforced Mr. and Mrs. Perry’s views. In my view, that is bullying and intimidation. How would you react if that had been your child or you in that situation. From their behavior, Mr. and Mrs. Perry appear to be ” radical believers” of what — I don’t know. I would not call it Christianity or Followers of the teaching of Christ. They appear to be radicals who have changed Christianity to fit their own needs much like radical Muslims have changed their religion to fit there needs. It makes me wonder what other personal beliefs she may have fostered on these children. A teacher has a position of trust —- Ms. Perry has broken that trust. In my opinion, Ms. Perry should not be allowed to teach in a Public School and Mr. Perry should be asked to resign from the BOE. In their positions they are TRUSTED by the public to be inclusive of all people, non-political, private in their religious beliefs, fair and open-minded. They both have destroyed that trust. Mr. and Mrs. Perry have a right to their beliefs; they have a right to a public voice of these beliefs but NOT in this way. They are adults and educated —- they are responsible for their actions. I am a former Dublinite and will always love Dublin and follow what is happening there. I hope Mr. and Mrs. Perry do the “Christian” thing and resign their positions. I hope the citizens of Dublin become more sensitive to this type of behavior and speak-out against it.
      Catherine Spivey Johnston

    4. Louie Blue —- How do you know what religion President Obama follows? I don’t know —- I didn’t know the religious beliefs of any of the Presidents —- I know what was written stating their denomination —- (Baptist, Methodist, etc.) . What “insider” knowledge do you have to prove that President Obama is not a Christian?

    5. You’re just an idiot, dude. You have NO CLUE whether Obama is a Christian. He’s gone to Christian churches since long before running for office, so evidence points to you being wrong. But if you want to pretend that he purposefully lived a lie this whole time knowing that idiots would call into question his religion even though there’s NO religious test for public office… you’re more than welcome to do so.

      That doesn’t mean that you’re not an idiot. And telling children their parents are going to hell (which is what you’re doing if you say they’re not Christian) and then demanding them prove their Christianity? Only an idiot who would say something like “She isn’t a ‘bully.’ She is partially correct. Obama is ‘NOT’ a Christian” would say that that isn’t bullying.

  2. At best, folks might say “Mr. Obama is my sort of Christian’..I see to remember some kerfuffle about Reverend Wright at the church Mr. Obama attended.. the real problem for too many Fox news Republicans is that he’s black and attempting to be President…I mean, he had the termerity to be reelected President! http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/republicans-accuse-obama-of-using-position-as-president-to-lead-country

    1. Urhg, need more coffee: the like should have read “At best folks can say “Mr. Obama is not my sort of Christian.” Wish there was an edit function here..I’ve been spreading this story as widely as I can.

  3. “A Florida Atlantic University student said he was punished after he refused a professor’s directive to stomp on a piece of paper with the word “Jesus” written on it. The university, meanwhile, is defending the assignment as a lesson in debate.”

    After reading the above by a reporter named Todd Barnes, I believe Ms. Perry was also providing a lesson in debate.

    1. The student had a right to refuse — hence the debate involving an adult student and a professor. Seems like a silly assignment for debate and I also would have refused. Ms. Perry’s students were Middle School Students not College Students . I am sure you see the difference. One group has the maturity to refuse if they are opposed the other is a “Captive Audience” who probably have been taught to listen to the teacher.

  4. She is an extreme conservative who would like nothing more than to return to country back to the” good old days”. Women like her will never excel to anything. She has only traded her sheets for a teacher’s outfit and the classroom for her forum. She is so sad……

  5. Allen, how do you know that ” it is simply not true”? And the final jeopardy question for the day: have you seen how Christians are being treated? How if we don’t agree with the left they bash and hate. You guys are very sad with this stuff. Very sad. For the record here is my side: 1) think Obama and the Jarret clan are bad people. “Do as we say or we will bring Chicago politics down on you” 2) the left and the right both need to remove head and start doing what’s right for us all not some darn loudmouth who just raises hell until people say ok 3) the news should report all news not just one side ( see article above) 4) it is God and Country……not some lame ass hood.

    And by the way, I take as much stock in your opinion piece as you do in my response. But at the end of the day, who cares right….. And what’s for dinner?

    1. Frank ___ you do not need to “take stock in any opinion but your own” . Who has treated Christians badly? I am a Christian and I know of no person who has treated me badly. I am a liberal Democrat and I don’t intimidate another person with my political beliefs — however, I am willing to discuss and defend them with another adult. You have a right to believe what you want re: President Obama — but what do you mean “Do as we say or we will bring Chicago politics down on you”. Clarify that statement. What loudmouth “is raising hell”. News reports are only as good as the radio and t.v. stations to which you listen and the papers which you read. All can be fact checked.

      1. Catherine Sprivey Johnston, Where have you been? Is your head stuck in the sand? You don’t know of any Christians being persecuted? Watch the news.
        As for your president, he aides the enemies of the US and alienates our allies. I hate for my grandchildren to have to live in the world he is ruining for us.
        By the way, are you the Catherine Spivey who use to go to church in Hardwick?

        1. Here, in this country, bsnow2. Stay on topic. Your rant is filled with hatred and misinformation. Your grandchildren are blessed to have him shaping this country in ways beneficial to all…just stop hating and get out of the way. See you in church?

        2. Jacquelyn West, I am not ranting and I am on the topic. You are the one who is misinformed and I am sorry for you. I am in church every Sunday. I am not the only Christian that does not feel blessed that Obama is in the White House.

  6. He claims to be a Christian by his United Church of Christ affiliation but he does not act like a Christian. I could say I was a Muslim but it wouldn’t make me one.

    1. bsnow2 — What do you mean “he does not act like a Christian”? What behaviors prove your point. Jesus was not a Christian — he was a Jew. He spoke and lived in a way that gave us the religion of Christianity —- but he never knew the word “Christian”. He gave us the path of salvation by his life and example. We have the “Sermon on the Mount” from Jesus to follow. Are you sure you and I are “Christian”?

  7. Unfortunately, there are is a small but very loud and obnoxious minority of people in this country. like this teacher and Louie Blue in the comments, who have completely lost touch with reality because of their irrational hatred of this president. Normally they are best ignored but this teacher must be fired and she must be fired yesterday.

  8. I agree. She is not only a bully, she is a dangerous bully. It takes a lot of arrogance to push the matter as far as she did.
    It was cruel that she felt the need to bear down on children. As a teacher, I agreed with whatever dad and mom said at the supper table the night before. She was undermining the children’s relationship and respect for their parents.
    As a Christian, I recognise that she has a problem interpreting Christianity. She and her husband want the notoriety to cash in with people who want to be angry. A Christian knows they are accountable to a higher power not a political party, a country club clientele or another human being. A Christian fears the Lord and knows that judgement is his. Using religion to make people feel they have to agree with your politics is wrong.

  9. I agree with her in telling her students that Mr. Obama is not a Christian any that votes for him is not a
    Christian. I

    1. And when did God endow you with the ability to see inside the hearts of others? When did He make you his personal representative to decide who is a Christian and who is not? To find sin, it is often easiest (for us all) to look in the mirror. I recommend you spend some time there.

    2. How dare you make that determination? You do not speak for God. I am a Christian and a proud liberal. I vote for Obama twice and would do so again. Take your faux Ayn Rand Christianity and shove it where the sun don’t go. I am sick of you trashing my religion.


    4. Ignoring the question of the President’s religion entirely, where in the NT, exactly, does it say that one is not a Christian if one supports anyone outside one’s own religion?

  10. Louie Blue, it certainly IS bullying. Pre-teens challenged to prove their Christianity? Told that their parents aren’t Christian if they support Obama? Please. It is the “shaming” variety of bullying, not physical but just as harmful to young people. This teacher showed a shocking disrespect for her young charges, not to mention a disregard of educators’ code of conduct. Disgraceful. I grew up in this town and went to school there when the black and white high schools were integrated. Teachers like this woman will undo decades of slow and painful progress in race relations. She needs to be stopped.

  11. Thank you, Alan Wood. The exact opposite happened to me as a teacher–I was bullied out of teaching because I had an Obama sticker on my car. I had intolerant, extremist parents threaten my LIFE and my children’s lives because I happen to vote Democrat (and certainly always will, after this). This was in a private school. I was bullied as a teacher and no one did anything. How and why is this woman so protected?

    1. Thank you. It was a story that needed to be told and local media were treating it as something minor not worth following up. In fact none of them even knew the name of the teacher or her husband, or about his radio show, and several other details I discovered. I would love to have your whole story told. Given the death threats you may still be reluctant so I understand but if you feel you are in a safe place where you can share your story we would happily publish your story. That school and those parents need to be exposed.

    2. I’m not sure your story is opposite to hers, so much as complementary to it; both instances are right-wing zealotry on steroids, wherein they see themselves as on some holy crusade…funny thing is, they forgot what the Bible actually teaches. I’m both a Christian and a Democrat, and happy to claim both titles…and to defend them against anyone who cares to debate the issue. As a teacher, I had the good fortune to be surrounded mostly by similarly educated adults, so found a supportive environment; shame on the school administration that caved into this intolerant parent.

  12. Ms Perry is a teacher. As such, her students are subordinate to her. Teachers deserve respect for all they do..it is a tough job. The nonsense she spewed is intimidating to a child and causes them to think something is wrong with their family when in fact, it is their teacher. Due to her actions, she has zero credibility.

  13. A lot of “Obama’s not a Christian” and “He wasn’t born in America” comes from groups built on racism. If Obama were white, would half of this stuff ever be said, regardless of his party affiliation?

    1. That a lot of it is built on racism is your opinion. What percent is built on racism? Do you know? When I first saw Obama on TV I thought he was a smart, articulate man and maybe we could finally have a black president. That was before I got to know what he was and what he stood for. I know many people who are not racist and have the same feeling I do about him. I don’t know what he calls himself but the church he was going to before he became president certainly had a racist minister. I am sick of hearing “if he was white” as an reason for opinions that are based on what he has done and what he has not done since he became president. Have you been watching what is going on in this world today? I think not or you might be changing your opinion.

      1. Your comment was snarky and rude and also, actually “just your opinion.” The one full of ignorance is you.

        I do know “what has been going on this world,” and it makes me sick– the nonsense of the birthers, the tea baggers, the Koch brothers, all of whom have undermined the President every step of the way. If you do not believe that this is related to the fact that he is not white, then you, are part of the problem. That being said, however, does not totally excuse the behavior, as I’m sure you would have done it for any Democrat that was elected. Remember swiftboating? A decorated war hero villified because of what?

        It’s just been magnified with Obama. And so what if he isn’t a Christian? Not a requirement for public office. Personally, I am sick of what these people are doing in the name of my religion. As the saying goes, standing in a car does not make you a car. Acting like this does not make a Christian.

      2. Well, I’m watching…and I support our President. “What he has done”?…I’d beg for details of your disillusion, but fear to hear a rehash of Faux News highlights, so will refrain…Just one question: Who invaded Iraq, setting off the setbacks we’ve suffered since? (And, by the way, also wasted the former budgetary surplus on said invasion…high cost in both lives and money, and all for naught.)

  14. My only disagreement with the author of this article is that this woman’s remarks do NOT belong in a church any more than they belong in a school. Were a fellow church member make that statement, I would confront and disagree; if an authority member made them, I would leave–not the church for me! As a teacher myself, I have to say her statements not only cross a line, they leap across it and stomp on it. I’d say “for shame!”–but she clearly has no sense of shame.

    1. I agree with you. Sorry if that is the way you read my article. I also agree the teacher’s statement is a lie and completely ignorant and doesn’t belong anywhere. Thanks to the 1st amendment she is free to say it anywhere she likes but that doesn’t mean there won’t be repercussions either.

  15. This women is no teacher. She is trying to be a judge. She and her husband need to be on a unemployment line. That would TEACH them a lesson

  16. Come on man… I totally want this teacher held accountable. But don’t lie. We wouldn’t care if she came back with “I was having a bad day.” It wouldn’t matter if she was having a bad day. I have bad days all the time, and I don’t violate the Constitution and the trust the public instills in me.

    You demean the entire situation by saying we’d rally behind her, because every conservative AND every liberal knows we wouldn’t. She was wrong, bad day or not… so don’t sugarcoat it and lie for us.

  17. I’ve been a Christian for over 50 years, and I read and study my Bible. Those who make the claim that President Obama is not a Christian are forgetting one very important thing about Christianity—no Christian can save his/her own soul. In light of this, it’s blasphemous for them to attempt to take God’s job away from him when scripture says very clearly that only God can see into a person’s heart (I Samuel 16:7.) These individuals have bastardized Christianity for their own purposes and have changed it into their very own cult, a cult with members who feel they have the right to determine who is/isn’t a Christian, and who will/will not enter the kingdom of heaven when they have no power to save their own soul. Christians are saved by God’s grace, and these cultists need to remember this before they begin separating the wheat from the chaff when they know God has granted them no authority to do so.

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