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A teacher in the public school system told her middle school students that Obama isn’t a Christian and that, if their parents voted for him, then their parents are not Christians either — and she has “doubled down” on her message and her husband is on the Board of Education — the NAACP is involved and the story is now going viral.

nancy price perry
Bill Perry on Left and Nancy Perry in Middle

The teacher’s name is Nancy Price Perry.  She teaches at Dublin Middle School in Dublin, Georgia which is located between Macon and Savannah. Her husband is of the ilk of Erick Erickson and had a local “news” show where he talked about the perils of gay marriage, religion, etc., etc., in the community — his name is Bill Perry and his “show” was called Talk to Me with Bill Perry.

Bill Perry is a member of the Board of Education and sat in on the student-teacher conference — the “strong man” show to intimidate the parents at the meeting where the parents complained.  His presence there let it be known that the BOE was backing his wife….or at least that is the impression he wanted to convey to them.

The local newspaper the Courier Herald printed the same letter below on their front page but I was told it did not contain the name of the teacher involved. I cannot confirm this since it requires a subscription to view articles. A local resident in Dublin said ” I was told last night by someone in the school system that nothing will be done because of WHO the teacher is and her husband being on the board! Just like the paper omitted her name & his name, small town bullshit!” 

The most inexcusable thing is during the parent-teacher conference, instead of “toning it down,” they “double downed” on their message of Obama not being a Christian, and other inflammatory statements made by the teacher. They are not regretful and show no remorse at all. The Reverend Richard Sheffield is the Dublin City Board of Education Chairman.  Any disciplinary actions involving teachers falls on the principal and ultimately the superintendent. Without a national spotlight on this story it seems nothing will be done and this will be swept under the rug and forgotten.

April 3, 2015 Update: Some new information has been released and instead of a new article I decided to update here.

The teacher is holding onto her job. Superintendent Ledbetter had this to say:

“We work to build bridges with students, not build walls, and talking politics, especially giving political opinions, can be very divisive […] We’ve had meetings to make sure there is an understanding that this is not appropriate […] You try to be appropriate to the situation. It’s one of those that you don’t want repeated.”

That report also states the teacher claims the media reports of the incident aren’t true. But if that is the case, why would the superintendent have needed to make that statement in this  TV interview? Wouldn’t he simply have said that it was untrue and a misunderstanding?

Dr. Ledbetter also commented on Bill Perry showing up at the parent-teacher meeting.

“A board member being in a parent-teacher conference can tip the balance, or at least from the appearance, tip the balance of fairness. It is not a practice that we can allow.”

dublin middle schoolYou think? 🙄  Especially when the BOE member is the husband of the accused teacher. The Board of Education has exactly one employee they supervise and that is the superintendent. This level of interference by a board member violates the Annotated Code of Georgia rules governing local boards of Education.  Bill Perry should have never been allowed in that meeting but I want to know why the principal and superintendent weren’t in attendance.

He said that action had been taken against the teacher but failed to specify what that was but she is still teaching at Dublin Middle School. I can’t imagine many other school districts where this teacher would have been allowed to have kept her job.


April 5, 2015 Update: In the last two days the Georgia NAACP released a statement saying they believe when Bill Perry sat in on the meeting with his wife and the parents he may have been in violation of SACS. (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools) . This is the accreditation agency and has a lot of power and influence over both school districts and universities. SACS has rules governing how boards of education must operate. Board members are not allowed to be involved with the school district’s day-to-day operations.

The issue has nothing to do with any First Amendment rights of the teacher or her husband, but this type of behavior is simply not appropriate in the classroom if the allegations are true. The Georgia NAACP plans to meet with Superintendent Ledbetter again this week and if they do not feel that he has handled the situation properly a formal complaint may be filed with SACS.

The incident in question happened around three weeks ago. Dr. Ledbetter spoke by phone in an interview to say that he feels the matter has been resolved. He said action has been taken and he is confident it will not happen again. We do not have another version of the incident since he apparently told Nancy Perry not to give her version to the media. But from the few statements he has released he hasn’t denied them either.

Dr. Ledbetter “We’re not there to try to try to give them our thoughts or opinions on things,” he says. “We’re there to help them learn how to be learners. When we get into political discussions, particularly if you may not be on the same side, it divides. It doesn’t help build relationships.”

“We’re always working to improve,” said Ledbetter. “There are no perfect schools, just as there are no perfect people. When we make a mistake, we address it.”

According to Dr. Ledbetter:

  • School Officials met with Nancy Perry
  • He discussed with Perry what is and what isn’t appropriate to discuss in the classroom
  • Dr. Ledbetter said the district has handled the situation.
  • Nancy Perry is still teaching at Dublin Middle School
  • Details about how Perry was disciplined is unknown. They have not released any details on actions taken or even issued a statement of what they believe was said.

Both Nancy and Bill Perry have been advised not to speak to the media to give their version. However, when reaching out to Perry at her home, her husband says they have been advised not to comment but says there are two sides to the story. He also said his wife has worked for the school for over 20 years and that the situation was blown out of proportion. Earlier Nancy Perry also said it was “untrue”.

Unless Dr. Ledbetter provides more details as to what actions have been taken and is a bit more transparent with the parents and the NAACP at the upcoming meeting they may decide to file a formal complaint with SACS. If this teacher never made any of those comments then Dr. Ledbetter should be more transparent and let the public know what she actually said. If the reports of what she said are true, then that also needs to be made known along with the disciplinary action that was taken. Transparency can go along way towards calming things down.

The only action that seems to have taken place so far is the Superintendent sent the parents a certified letter. In the letter he told them that he had spoken with Bill Perry and told him not to do it again. It also said that Nancy Perry is retiring. I do not see this slap on the wrist as solving anything at all.

This ho-hum disciplinary approach is insulting and shows Dr. Ledbetter doesn’t view this as an egregious offense that warrants a much sterner punishment and at a minimum a public apology that at least appears sincere and shows contrition. At this point I think SACS may have to be called to get any sort of justice and would not be surprised if the Georgia ACLU were not also asked to assist.

It is my opinion that Bill Perry should resign from the Board of Education or be removed. Nancy Perry should be fired if she will not recant the lie she taught and sincerely apologize. Even with an apology she should at least take a leave of absence until the next school year begins. Humans make mistakes, but no one should be forgiven when they aren’t sorry either.

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As you can see from this interview with Dr. Ledbetter, he seems completely unaware of the severity or national scrutiny of this incident.


I am posting the original letter from the NAACP  below with more details about the events. Via our friends at the Laurens County, GA Democratic Party 

By Patricia Manson

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, March 24,2014, the Courier Herald published a front page article about a parent’s presentation at the Dublin School Board meeting that took place on March 23, 2015. At that meeting the father read a letter he had written to Dr.Ledbetter, Superintendent of Dublin City Schools.

The letter clearly expressed the parent’s concern about an incident that occurred in his 13 year old son’s elective class and his ensuing efforts to bring resolution to the matter. The father’s cause for worry was not so much what was said about the President of the United States but that it was said by the teacher in his child’s classroom and that she called into question the Christianity of anyone who does not think as she does.

In an effort to ensure that the public has the facts, we present the following chronological order of events thus far.

  1. The teacher made several negative comments about the President, including that he is not a Christian as he claims to be. She said that any parent who supports him is not a Christian. She challenged her students to prove their Christianity.
  2. The child shared with his parents what she said.
  3. The parents, in an effort to settle the problem, requested an immediate parent-teacher conference.However, the conference took place several days later than the parents had wished.
  4. Present at the conference were the parents, the teacher, a representative from the school and the teacher’s husband, who is a member of the Dublin School Board.
  5. The parents were expecting that the teacher would hear their concerns, acknowledge the inappropriateness of her behavior in the classroom setting and show remorse for her conduct.
  6. She did none of the above. Instead, she presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics. She was supported in this by her husband.
  7. The parents’ concern was exacerbated by the teacher’s unwillingness to even consider the possibility that her classroom conduct was not conducive to a healthy learning environment. They left the conference more determined than ever to pursue the matter further.
  8. The father next wrote a letter to Dr. Ledbetter expressing his concerns and read the letter at the Board meeting on March 23, 2015.

The parents were then assured by Dr. Ledbetter and the School Board Chairman, Mr. Sheffield, that they would have a response within 10 business days. Several Board members expressed their appreciation that the parent persevered to bring the matter to their attention. Some quotes from the father’s letter best describe his thoughts:

“Our concerns about our son…seem to be ignored.” “Shouldn’t teachers be careful about the manner and timeliness in which they express their beliefs?” The teacher “claims to be a Christian. This is an admirable stance. Unfortunately, she also freely expresses her mind about who she thinks is or is not.”

The parents feel that their child was verbally sucker punched by his teacher and was not given the opportunity to defend himself.

They take their parental responsibilities very seriously and do not give up those responsibilities to anyone at any time. They believe that certain subjects, including religion, politics and sex, are best taught in the home by the parents.

This teacher has betrayed her profession. She has broken the trust from teacher to student and from teacher to parent. The harm that she has done goes beyond her classroom. It is incalculable. At the very least she has tainted the learning experience and caused divisiveness among her students, the school faculty, staff and the community.

Her husband should be held accountable for his abuse of power stemming from his participation in the parent-teacher conference.

He had no right to be there. His presence did nothing to enhance the process. In fact, his presence further eroded his wife’s credibility as a teacher.

The NAACP calls upon the Dublin School Board to do the right thing; to hold the teacher to the highest standards of professionalism. We call for the Dublin School Board to take all necessary actions to ensure that, as the father stated in his letter, the matter is…“addressed in a way that discourages any similar incident in the future”.

Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr. said “The time is always right to do what is right.“

The bottom line is to do what is right for all of our children. Let us not enable such harmful acts to continue by ignoring them. We cannot allow such behavior to occur with impunity. We are all accountable.


Patricia Manson

— Dublin Laurens NAACP

By Alan Wood

Musings of an unabashed and unapologetic liberal deep in the heart of a Red State. Crusader against obscurantism. Optimistic curmudgeon, snark jockey, lovably opinionated purveyor of wisdom and truth. Multi-lingual world traveler and part-time irreverent philosopher who dabbles in writing, political analysis, and social commentary. Attempting to provide some sanity and clarity to complex issues with a dash of sardonic wit and humor. Thanks for visiting!

87 thoughts on “Teacher Says Students Aren’t Christian if They Support Obama”
  1. I know both the teacher and Bill Perry. They are as right wing as they come. Real Tea party types. Mention the words Obama, Benghazi, or Hillary Clinton and watch them turn red as a tomato. What’s worse is even if what that teacher were saying were true, why in hell would that matter or would she even be talking about that in class? Keep religion out of public schools. This lady needs to be fired and her husband needs to be removed from the BOE because he violated both Dublin and state laws by interfering.

  2. Thank you: and Shared! I have heard too much of exactly this sort of crap, sadly, from some family members: politicized rightwing Christianity is as best a heresy, and at worst, creeping Fascism, carry a cross and wrapping itself in a flag (as Sinclair Lewis didn’t exactly say.) this deserves national attention.

  3. The teacher should not only be fired but her license to teach revoked. Her husband needs to be removed from the school board. The chairman of the board needs to resign and special elections need to be held. Bigotry should not be taught in the classroom, there’s enough of it taught in the homes.

  4. It’s truly sad that this teacher thinks she can hold a fictional moral superiority over helpless kids. I wish there was a national social media when I was growing up, if folks in the nation knew some of the stupid and dumb things my teachers said or did, life would be so different today. As serious as this is, in the long run, the students will look back someday and recount the silly teacher who got in trouble because she couldn’t be professional.

  5. This teacher needs remedial training so she can learn to set boundaries for appropriate comments. Or she needs to transfer to a Christian school where she can spout her religious nonsense.

  6. Why would anyone be so hateful to say such things against the President? What makes this woman say such things knowing he attends a Christian church? When did God give her His power to pass judgement on others? It sounds to me like she has “hardened her heart”. I don’t know any true followers of Jesus Christ who behave in such a mean spirited manner. It bothers me that people like this couple who spread false accusations are involved in the education of children.

    1. a definition of clinical insanity should include all those that have a belief that our President of the united states being a Christian makes him a Muslim….or that our president was born in a foreign country. there is no rational thought in these people’s brains.

  7. To Alan Wood: At least you are honest about your dabbling in writing and political analysis. Dabbling being the key word. Why don’t you call Nancy Perry and talk to her about what happened. Your regurgitation of what has been said about this situation is puny on your part at best. I take it you must know Mrs. Perry? Ahh, you don’t. You are enjoying half truths and gossip. You show such distain for the Perry’s so what does that make you? You have taken sides based on your apparent anti-Christian beliefs. You have no first hand information. But, you being a good liberal have done a great job with your God bashing blog and defending Obama’s anti-Christ spirit.

    So, maybe you should add babbling to your self described dabbling in writing.

    Gil Gillis
    Dublin, Georgia

    1. a definition of clinical insanity should include all those that have a belief that our President of the united states being a Christian makes him a Muslim….or that our president was born in a foreign country. there is no rational thought in these people’s brains.

    2. God bashing blog? That is a new one. You accuse me of making assumptions and then seem to be guilty of that yourself. Perhaps you might want to consider reading Luke 6:42. I also had numerous sources from Dublin for this article. It should be common sense regardless of political ideology that this teacher was in the wrong. Had she been a Democrat attacking any supporter of Romney as being an evil Mormon I would have attacked that just as harshly. Religion (and attacking the religion or lack thereof of others) has no place in PUBLIC schools period.

    3. Seriously? Your grammar is almost as bad as your reasoning. On the bright side, the indoctrination seems to be coming along nicely. Good luck with the whole semi-literate right wing douche bag thing!

    4. Interesting that you stoop to the same level as Mrs. Perry in deciding who is or is not a Christian, or “good Christian.” No school district should allow a teacher to retain her job when she makes disparaging, racist and false statements to her students. No school should support a teacher who is blatantly disrespectful to her students and to the President of the United States. And any board member who attends a meeting concerning his wife, parents of concerned students and the school administration, should be dismissed from the board immediately.

      You express your opinion in a forum where it is appropriate. It’s unfortunate that you can’t do this without bashing the author of the article. You say the author doesn’t have first-hand knowledge of Mrs. Perry, then you turn around and cite your opinions about matters of which you obviously have no first-hand knowledge.

      I find your comments rather pathetic.

      1. If she even made those remarks. Black folks love to make an issue bigger that it actaully is. Don’t beleive it? Go to Dollar General and watch how they act when caught shoplifting. How dare anybody stop them from shoplifting. They goin’ call the NAACP! People might as well face the fact that as long blacks think they should be given everything for nothing and scream racism every time they don’t get what they want or like what someone says, that the racial divide will only grow.

        1. Did you think before writing this irrelevant nonsense, Ricardo? It’s highly racist. (And nowhere does the article say the child is black–not that it makes a difference.) Your comment has nothing to do with the story. The teacher, her husband and the school never denied she said these things.

    5. What she has done & you are doing the same Gil Gillis is make a mockery out of Christianity with such distasteful, disrespectful & dark hearted remarks. The entire family has shown that they are bigots this is just the TRUTH being displayed for the entire world to see that what’s done & said in the dark WILL COME TO THE LIGHT. Now, isn’t God good!!

    6. Well said. I was thinking pretty much the same. Alan is good a babbling. Where are the real facts here. He has based everything on a third hand account. What was really said in the classroom? Was it part of a teaching exercise to get these kids to THINK. I for one would love to hear exactly what was said. And the circumstances in which it was said. Not a line here an there out of context.
      I can see from most of these comments, that the responders are Democrat. Who else would get in such an uproar over something they don’t have the facts on.
      Personally, I think Obama is an asshole. But that is my opinion. Mrs Perry has her opinion as do the other responders on here.
      At the very least, I bet it has got the kids to think a little. [more than a video game anyway]

  8. I bet nothing was done, you have those rednecks that are such racist ,and that area is loaded with would be Christians,that is a complete laugh,I am more Christian than they would ever be.

  9. As a Christian, my Bible tells me to pray for and support our leaders, PERIOD, and it is crystal clear in this. In Romans 13:1-7 the apostle Paul states to resist the authority is the equivalent of resisting God and that those who do will bring judgment on themselves.

  10. She should lose her job – period. She is not teaching in a “Christian” school, she should NOT be trying to sway students in ANY political direction. She is a public school teacher, that means that she must respect the fact that her students are going to come from all different religious backgrounds, and that she should respect them. It is completely out of order to proselytize in school, and complete out of place for her to determine who is a Christian and who isn’t. If she did that crap here in the NYC tri-state area, she would have been out of a job by the week’s end.

    1. I know many Democrat teachers who use their position to indoctrinate and sway and influence their students toward Liberal, Left wing politics.
      The colleges and universities in the U.S. are full of former Sixties radicals who have infiltrated the education system and use their power to intimidate and “persuade” students to accept liberal doctrine.
      I know college kids who have had their grades downgraded because they are conservative and/or rebuffed a left wing professor.

      1. Regardless of you opinion in this matter, comparing colleges and universities with PUBLIC middle schools is simply incorrect. Such comments have no place being made by a teacher in a public school system.

      2. a definition of clinical insanity should include all those that have a belief that our President of the united states being a Christian makes him a Muslim….or that our president was born in a foreign country. there is no rational thought in these people’s brains.

      3. What you say is irrelevant. Two wrongs do not make a right. There should not be liberal OR conservative pressure in a public school.

      4. If they rebuffed a left-wing professor without any facts or with strawmen, as your comment here does, then the downgrading was nothing to do with politics, and everything to do with ignoring facts. At any rate, your anecdote supplies no proof, no dates, no places. That’s the problem with conservatives; they watch Fox news and tart to believe that “some people say” is a reliable source. If you have to lie or spread rumors to support your argument, then your argument is probably wrong.
        I hope your life is as good as you are. I truly do.

      5. Your response is on par with a 3 year old’s response “but… but… they did it tooooooooo”. Seriously? The issue right here and right now is not what may or may not have happened in your hypothetical second hand situations you are deflecting with. Focus for a moment and comment on THIS particular situation.

      6. Um…what do you classify as “liberal?” Evolution? Climate Change? Likely the things you label as liberal are things that have been academically studied rigorously and shown to be true.

  11. Almost EVERY Christian I know voted for President Obama. That he is a fellow-Christian never entered into their decision. This IS still America isn’t it? BTW, MANY of these fellow-Christians are Catholic priests and nuns, including my sister.

  12. School systems in the South can never be trusted to do the “right thing”. This has been the case since Reconstruction. It is this kind of small town reactionary thinking that requires Southern school systems to be under Federal oversight. People like this teacher and her ilk long for the days of “Jim Crow”. They are a disgrace to the teaching profession.

    1. Our supreme court recently ruled that there is no longer racism in our country so federal oversight was removed from voting. All these redneck states immediately passed laws making it harder to vote.

  13. Teachers in public need to keep their archaic religious beliefs to themselves! Religion should never be brought up in school unless it is necessary to the lesson being taught, such as in debate or history. That ignorant teacher should be fired, pronto!! If I was those parents, I would have refused the meeting until that husband of the teachers was no longer present! Who does he think he is?

  14. This teacher has no business discussing political issues in class especially when its her own opinions and values she chose people can believe in what they want she should be reprimanded immediately

  15. I agree with those who have said that the teacher should be dismissed and her husband taken off the school board. He is obviously using his position as a stepping stone to the next office. He came to that parent-teacher conference purely to intimidate the parents. He misused his position and didn’t belong there at all. Teachers who bring in religion into the public school have never understood separation of church and state! She is an ignorant little thing and she shouldn’t be influencing kids. Kudos to the parents who took her on. Will be waiting to hear the outcome.

  16. a definition of clinical insanity should include all those that have a belief that our President of the united states being a Christian makes him a Muslim….or that our president was born in a foreign country. there is no rational thought in these people’s brains.

  17. Unfortunately Dublin has long been plagued by slow progression due to the mindset of many others that support this type of nonsense. I am just ashamed for those that feel this is justified. I can’t believe this is happening. It is time out for all this foolish hate and brainwashing. This teacher is damaging to our educational system. She should be dismissed but I would be shocked if she even gets a verbal reprimand.

  18. Folks that wear their religion on their sleeves like Ms. Perry are just plain creepy and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a classroom. Save it for church!

  19. Whatever her religious beliefs or politics, this was simply inappropriate. That her husband came with her to a teacher parent meeting was completely inappropriate. Fire her and take him off the board. I am not an Obama fan, but this father is absolutely right, his son was sucker punched by this teacher who had no right nor reason to say the things she did. Her comments had nothing to do with furthering the education of the students in her class. She can save her opinions for her personal life, she is completely unprofessional as a teacher.

  20. I guess this b is God? Only God can determine what you are or are not….Go President Obama!!!!

  21. A public school teacher is a public servant and not allowed to promote any religion. It is against the law. The school district should be sued. Has the ACLU of Georgia been contacted?

  22. I agree Nancy Perry needs to be fired and her husband Bill Perry needs to be removed from the school board.

  23. Georgia is my home of birth and being an African American,Veteran I purchase a few acre of property in Lauren county to return home for a retirement, I will be rethinking that move. With Georgian like this couple we can do without.

  24. Dublin is another red neck town in the state of Georgia, but so is East Dublin, Wrightsville, and a lot of other small towns in that general vicinity, Police and Sheriff’s office included, saying Obama isn’t a Christian and those who voted for him are not Christians is nothing compared to the other things that go on in these small middle Georgia towns, they constantly violate Black people rights, the simple things that Blacks in other areas take for granted, things such as entertain family and friends in your own back yard on your own property, can’t be done in those Georgia red neck towns, the white people here are still living in the 60’s and something should be done about it, and the funny thing is they wasn’t like that in the 60’s and 70’s, the black people living in those areas back then would have fought back, but the blacks living in those areas now allow it to go on, those who sit idly by and allow it to go on are just as guilty as those who are doing it.

    1. Get a life people. Who cares! Its just an opinion by someone who talks before they think. OMG people are so sensative about everything.

      1. What the Bible says or doesn’t say is irrelevant here. It is not being hypersensitive to find the teachers’ comments objectionable. This conduct has no place in a public school or even a taxpayer funded private school. There is a reason why church and state need to be separate. Allowing a teacher to say these things is outrageous, and a clear violation of the separation between church and state. Bravo to the NAACP.

  25. Regardless of your personal feelings about our president, this teacher is a self righteous bigot ! Jesus says don’t judge !

    1. Matthew 7:1 does say Do not Judge. If you keep reading to verse five it says to first take the plank out of your own eye before worrying about the speck of dust in your brothers eye. You can judge, you can’t condem. Big difference. God also said that you will be hated by others for following him. Sometimes times telling people about biblical values, and what the bible actually says instead of someone’s interpretation hurts. It’s a two edge sword as they say. Any practicing Christian in a bible based church could look at the presidents track record and know that he is not a practicing Christian just from his actions. God calls us to be bold in our faith, and to bring others to Christ for eternal life. Nancy Perry was bold in her faith, and if her actions of relating what the bible actually says to how Obama’s actions possible saves one person’s life it is worth it for her. God Bless her for being bold in her faith.

      1. But this is your interpretation of the bible, not that of the Catholic church or the Episcopal church. (Not to mention other religions.) And this is you determining that your bible and your interpretation is the only correct belief. You have demonstrated, perfectly, why there must be a separation between church and state–and why Mrs. Perry was wrong and inappropriate in her assertions. If you want to preach your version of the bible, then home school your kids. And home is where Mrs. Perry and her husband belong. As for your claims about President Obama, again, this is your opinion. If you want to tell your children these falsehoods and teach them to disrespect the president, fine. But do it in your own home. Respect the rights and beliefs of others.

        1. This is not my interpretation, it is what the bible says. If you are such a scholar of the bible you would know that you can’t just read one sentence to know what it is saying. I do believe there is a bible, and only one true God. Anyone who believes otherwise is misinformed. Don’t get me wrong I love everyone, and hope that one day everyone will be saved. You like most liberals try to shut others up, but never produce factual evidence to prove your point. If I am so misinformed in my beliefs give me evidence proving me wrong. May be I have been misinformed. Or maybe you have never researched what you are calling falsehood to find that You may be wrong. Ronald Regan said it best ” it’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant, it’s that they know so much that isn’t true”. There is no disrespect made towards the president if you are telling the truth.

      2. Yet oddly enough it is people of Christian faith – conservative or evangelical, not all – who are the vessels of hate. They are not being hated themselves so much as they are infecting our society with hatred and venom. And now they are being allowed to have this impact on the children of others. The President and the first family display a grace, kindness, and what you call Christian values that so far outstrips their fake Christian critics that it is mind boggling. I am glad you believe in a judgment day – you will have a lot for which to answer. And don’t bother – I already know I am a flawed human being who makes mistakes. You know, the kind of person Jesus hung out with back in the day. Funny when you think how he steered clear of self-righteous bigots and bile filled haters. Yep, it’s a funny old world – pretty twisted.

        1. As a Christian you are called to be the light that brings others to know Christ. It is unfortunate that some claim to be Christian, but act nothing like what God has called us to be. Which is much more then just a good/ nice person. Some non believers also feel that if a Christian stand up for their Christian values they aren’t christian like( self righteous bigots as many have said on here). This is a misconception. When someone claims to be a Christian every nonbeliever and others watch them. Everything they say and do is judged by others. You will be ridiculed, and people are almost happy when you fail. Non believers will use that one instance when a Christian was rude for reason not to come to Christ. That’s why it is so important for people that call themselves Christians to think before they say and do anything. Am I, perfect no. Not by a long shot. The only person that has ever walked this earth perfect is Jesus christ. Do I wake up every morning to die to myself and pick up my cross. I try very hard to. if I could ask each and every person that reads this to atleast research for yourself Jesus christ, and bible. Educate yourself. Don’t only try to find it in people because people are flawed. Read for yourself. Watch some bible based shows or movies. Try out maybe some Christian music.

  26. If this or any other teacher violates the BoE’s expressed and ordained policies, then, regardless of who her husband is, she should be held accountable. The BoE should not relent from it’s stated policies because of a single employee’s personal views. By not upholding their own policies, they are silently approving her behavior and violating of their policies. Now we will have to wait and see what happens when the next employee breaks the rules in support or pursuit of their own agenda.

  27. One letter of complaint to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the matter of Board Member interference in the day to day operations of the district on behalf of his wife would be immediately investigated and could impact their accreditation. That would certainly be a reality check on their behavior.

  28. Yah, Way… overboard and let your children be inspired and led by a predator drone striking murderer. Christian or not you will all reap the seeds your so called leaders have planted at home and around the world. Quick as the whirlwind it shall come when your all broke, then rounded up for protesting much too late. When you observe your children growing up in UN Fema re-education facilities starving to death mentally, physically and spiritually and when the heat of reality sets in to your satanically conditioned minds you may hope upon the time a teacher and her board member husband were brave enough to risk many fold more than the coward slime of the comment trolls witnessed here. While you divide your selves and tare at one anothers flesh your american barbie dream house is burning to the ground. True followers of Christ do not murder and mame, yet they do judge according to the fruit beared and the pile is too high and rotten now to attempt a traverse. May God bless and protect those who love him from this siege of immorality.

      1. You can’t respond because you lack the intelligence asswipe. It’s funny how you leftest shit bags react to someone on the right who makes a statement that you consider outlandish when we on my side are constantly bombarded on a daily basis the shit spewing forth from your wretched mouths!

        1. My goodness, Blue Ridge Patriot, I didn’t know Christians called people names like that. You must worship someone other than Jesus because I know he didn’t condone language like that to others. I don’t think you are a very nice person but then folks of your kind usually aren’t.

        2. Ha, so-called “Patriot!” Yet another articulate and well reasoned comment from a conservative Christian. I can’t possibly respond to Awe’s delusional diatribe. As for you, aren’t you proud of your Christian vocabulary? What’s interesting in this comment thread is how well the “Christians” demonstrate just why people like the Perrys need to keep their religion within their own families and faith communities.

      1. Hey douche bag, where in my statement did I mention my religion? If my statements to you liberal idiots contains profanity too fucking bad. I know that you DemLibs don’t believe in free speech if you don’t agree with it but until you people change the Constitution, deal with it! And I find it quite ironic that people of your and ass hat symorris’s ilk question my “Christian’ vocabulary when you are OK with ripping out a nine month fetus from its’ mothers womb but shit yourself over a terrorist being water boarded.

        1. John 4:20 If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.

        2. Hey, foul mouth. I can’t think of one liberal–and I know many–who are “OK with rilpping out a nine month (old?) fetus…” So you’re just a foul-mouthed, angry jerk who spews nonsense for fun. Go away.

    1. Drone striking murderer? You’re an idiot, you’re defending the coward terrorists who attacked our troops and allies and then think they can run and hide among innocent women and children????

  29. The teacher should be required to apologize and ask for forgiveness … in front of the entire class … to each and every student that took exception to her religiously self-righteous and politically bellicose comments.
    And her husband needs to be told by the district and the rest of the school board — in writing — to stay completely out of the matter due to the obvious conflict of interest.

  30. Bunch of backwoods pillbillies that don’t like the “negro in the White House” You bigots should STFU and get back on the porch of your doublewide.

  31. Why was her husband involved in the process anyway? Is he on staff at the school? Yes, she is entitled to her opinion, just NOT IN THE CLASSROOM!! This is not her “personal” venue!!

  32. Dear Teacher of if you judge others then you shall be judged The Bible says in Luke 6:37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not ..Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you. … Judge not, and you shall not be judged: condemn not, and you shall not be condemned: forgive, and you shall be forgiven: …. Therefore, I will punish him and then release him.” Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. …. are in they judge; and then consider, what judgment they would choose others should pass on them. FACT YOU ARE JUDGING OTHER AND YOU BEHAVIOR IS NOT A LIKE A CHRISTIAN MY QUESTION WHAT KIND OF A CHRISTIAN ARE YOU ? it seems like you are involved in a made up religion AND FALSE beliefs ANOTHER LIE FROM THE MADE UP Christian faith – OF conservative or evangelical, A GROUP OF RACIST bigots …

    1. margie. This is beautiful let’s keep it nice. I have. You like the last individual stopped at the verses that fit your agenda. You stopped just short of reading the same part of chapter 6 of Luke, that I was discussing in Matthew chapter 7. You referenced 6:37, and 6:38 reiterates that with the same measure you use it will be measured to you. 6:39-can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit? The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like the teacher. Why do you look at the speck of saw dust in your brothers eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, brother let me take the speck out of your eye. When you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? YOU HYPOCRITE, FIRST TAKE THEPLANK OUT OF YOUR EYE, AND THEN YOU WILL SEE CLEARLY TO REMOVE THE SPECK FROM YOUR BROTHERS EYE. We can continue to a parable–6:43 NO GOOD TREE BEARS BAD FRUIT, NOR DOES A BAD TREE BEAR GOOD FRUIT. we walk through life, and are judged for the good we do, and the bad. It is unfortunate that when someone is called out for something negative then everyone says don’t judge me. When someone is praised for what they do they are happy about. It is just the difference between judging positively or negatively.

  33. Altho Obama has repeatedly shown his “anti-Christian attitude” as in “no-prayer’ day for Christians at the White House (Muslims O.K. tho), I don’t think the teacher should have made such a statement……especially at a middle school! Heck, it’s bad enough when some university “intelligensia” crud tries to force some of their totally stupid beliefs down the throat of a child. Especially when that child’s parents are sweating bullets to pay for said university tuition!!

    1. Not sure where you get your facts about President Obama, but I suggest you rethink the veracity of the news sources you use. Your comment didn’t pass a fact check.

    2. “Altho Obama has repeatedly shown his “anti-Christian attitude” as in “no-prayer’ day for Christians at the White House (Muslims O.K. tho),” I think u need to stop watching FOX

  34. Religion and politics are fine to discuss in public schools, until the teacher interjects his/her personal opinion. This could make the some students uncomfortable, or even create a bull-like atmosphere where those who don’t agree with the teacher are treated like outcasts, not only in that specific class, but after and beyond. It wouldnt be the first time a teacher has caused a very dangerous mob-mentality, negatively effecting the minority. Just look at US History, or history of the human race for that matter. I think this would be common sense even to the fools that seemed to act otherwise. But I am not surprised by the actions of conservative Christians who believe it is their duty to “spread the word” regardless of who they harm or put in danger. Which is just one reason why in the USA, people like that are part of a group so accurately titled: “The American Taliban”.

  35. Anyone produced proof the what the kid claimed? Maybe another student heard it.

    Or is this just a ’embellishment’ on the part of the father and Alan Wood using it to push an agenda.

    If so, Mr Wood and his ‘ilk’ will want to watch his back.

    1. Can you please clarify what you mean by watch my back? Also would love to hear what my “ilk” is…

      1. What’s going on with this story now? I heard from a local tonight she may be given a position on the school board?

    2. If you’d bothered to read any news stories, you could have confirmed this for yourself. What, those of the liberal “ilk” (assuming that’s your meaning) are all part of a conspiracy to discredit some out-of-line teacher and her unethical school board member husband? Get real.

      Now for the big issue with your comment: “Mr Wood and his ‘ilk’ will want to watch his back.” (For correct grammar, this should read “watch their backs.”) I have to say I’m still shocked, but no longer surprised at good “Christians” who make threats. And most, like you, do so from the safety of anonymity. How pathetic and cowardly. I’m not thinking your Jesus would be proud of you.

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