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I just received a list of the seven reasons Nancy Price Perry gave as “proof” that President Obama is not a Christian when she met the parents. This comes from a source in Dublin, GA. The reasons from this fringe website are beyond disturbing. I am infuriated that a teacher not only believes this crap but is trying to indoctrinate others into believing it as well.

Here is the link she used to show the parents and brought a printout. I will only list the reasons but the link goes into much more detail with an explanation for each reason each more ridiculous than the last.

Seven Reasons Barack Obama is not a Christian

Warning: This stuff is way out there…. as in certifiable cray-cray stuff. 😯 .
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#1: Obama Believes There Are Many Paths to Heaven

#2: Obama Denies the Authority of the Bible  

#3: Obama Supports Homosexuality

#4: Obama Supports Abortion

#5: Obama Affirms Muslim Prayer

#6: Obama is Associated with Black Liberation Theology

#7: Obama Has No Bona Fide Christian Testimony

I had received a few unconfirmed tips that Nancy Price had resigned amid all the national outrage and controversy after telling a student that not only was Obama not a Christian but neither were his parents if they supported the president. But those rumors turned out to be false. She has not resigned and neither has her husband, at least according to the latest update from the local Dublin, GA newspaper from April 08, 2015.

The parents are not satisfied with the school’s response. Bill Perry said that he and his wife have been STRONGLY urged not to speak now, but, that, LATER, they will STRONGLY respond according to the local paper.  I am reminded by a quote from Abraham Lincoln or possibly by Mark Twain when I hear Bill Perry wants to make a statement. No matter who said the quote it seems very applicable. “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt”

See Full Story: Teacher Says Students Aren’t Christian if They Support Obama

When I first broke this story on April 1 it went viral fast. It was picked up by Salon, the Atlanta Journal, Drudge, Freethought, and many others. A few days ago I also gave a radio interview on Call To Reason 87.9 Globe FM out of Atlanta who were just as angry and outraged. It has become a national story and with good reason.

Dublin City superintendent Dr. Ledbetter completely misjudged how viral this story would become. It is easily the most viewed article I have ever published on this site with over 8,600 Facebook likes and tens of thousands of views. Commenting on our Facebook page as well as the article has also been active and intense.

Dr. Ledbetter dropped the ball with a very lackadaisical approach that didn’t give very much information to the aggrieved families or to the community as a whole. He sent a certified letter saying only that he had handled matters and spoken with Nancy and Bill Perry to explain those actions were wrong.

Nancy Perry’s words were despicable and not only have no place inside a classroom but have no place in any honest discourse anywhere. They are complete lies that only morons would believe.  How completely foolish to assert that President Obama isn’t a Christian and neither are his supporters. And by the way,  how did that subject ever even come up in an 8th grade art class???

Not only was it a complete lie that President Obama is not a Christian, but it also could severely scar a young middle school student emotionally when a teacher tells them that their parents may be going to hell because they support the president. It is reprehensible and she should have been fired as soon as it became known. She still should be fired.

People from all around the country wrote on the Dublin City School Facebook page asking for Nancy Perry to be fired and her husband to be removed from the Board of Education. In the “Posts to Page” section nearly all posts were related to this controversy.

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People even vented their outrage at the local Newspaper the Courier Herald for not giving this more prominent coverage. One person commented under their old photo of the week and wrote “Forget the old photos and be journalists. Report on this situation” with a link to a story about Nancy Perry.

When the Courier Herald first covered the story they didn’t include the names of Nancy or Bill Perry which made people ask why they didn’t include their names. People speculated that the newspaper was trying to keep a lid on the story. I honestly don’t have any idea why the names weren’t included and won’t even speculate. 

Everyone in Dublin knew who it was simply because only one Board member has a wife that teaches at Dublin Middle School. It was a simple matter to figure out who the article referenced. 

I am confident that we will have much more on this continuing story. Not only do measures need to be taken to ensure this never happens again but the Board and Superintendent also seem to be in need of some training of their own in regards to handling situations such as this.

The board member Bill Perry said the parents overreacted and blew this all out of proportion.

The next scheduled Board meeting is April 13th at the Dublin B.O.E. at 6P.M.

I bet that is going to be a very lively meeting. At this point in time I think Bill Perry has no choice but to resign from the Board of Education and so should his wife.

Below are screenshots from the local newspaper with the latest update on this story published in the Dublin Courier Herald on April 8, 2015

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Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 1.51.24 PMDMS Parents Still Not Satisfied Part 1

DMS Parents Still Not Satisfied Part 2




By Alan Wood

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11 thoughts on “The Seven Reasons a Georgia Teacher Gave For Obama Not Being a Christian”
  1. I completely disagree. Knowing this family personally, I can assure you that things did not happen as reported. And I also take offense to the fact that you would call me a “moron” because of my Christian beliefs. IF she said these 7 things, she is absolutely right. I’m completely amazed that YOU along with all of you other liberal media idiots would swallow what Obama lives for. YOU will be paying soon as Islam is going to completely infiltrate this country and wipe even you smug little liberals off the map.

    1. Unless you were in the room you don’t know anymore than anyone else. I didn’t call all Christians morons. I called anyone that believes Obama isn’t a Christian, or that Democrats can’t be Christian, or has a seven point checklist and wants to presume to speak for God is a moron. Christianity comes in all flavors with lots of beliefs. Those that use an exegesis interpretation tend to be a lot more moderate and less judgmental.

      If I go on random websites where I don’t agree with the author and call people idiots would that make me a good Christian in your eyes? Just wanted to make sure since you seem to have a direct line to Saint Peter.

      1. They are Southern Baptists down here, Alan. — I’m not sure they get the Saints-thing. I am one of those rare Catholics from Dublin. Hey — that’s right — Bill Perry was raised Catholic. I wonder what happened.

    2. Not only is this woman incorrect in her assessement of the president, it wouldn’t matter if she were right. Being a Christian is not a pre-requisite for being president, if you didn’t know.

  2. “Not only was it a complete lie that President Obama is not a Christian, but it also could severely scar a young middle school student emotionally when a teacher tells them that their parents may be going to hell because they support the president. It is reprehensible and she should have been fired as soon as it became known. She still should be fired.”

    Exactly. If this woman meets our standard criteria of eligibility for continued employment in our public school system, we have definitely moved the bar too low.

  3. Religion should NEVER be mentioned in a public school unless it is for historical teaching and comparative analysis.

    This is almost akin to Jane Eyre. A teacher is spewing her beliefs about religion, hating on the President while she is at it, and making kids feel bad if their parents support the Presidentn and making them question their religious beliefs . It could be very confusing and damaging to the child.

    She and her husband should both be fired.

  4. “For me, the celebration of Easter puts our earthly concerns into perspective. With humility and with awe, we give thanks to the extraordinary sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our Savior. We reflect on the brutal pain that He suffered, the scorn that He absorbed, the sins that He bore, this extraordinary gift of salvation that He gave to us. And we try, as best we can, to comprehend the darkness that He endured so that we might receive God’s light.

    “And yet, even as we grapple with the sheer enormity of Jesus’s sacrifice, on Easter we can’t lose sight of the fact that the story didn’t end on Friday. The story keeps on going. On Sunday comes the glorious Resurrection of our Savior…. Today, we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen Savior. I pray that we will live up to His example. I pray that I will live up to His example. I fall short so often. Every day I try to do better. I pray that we will be strengthened by His eternal love. I pray that we will be worthy of His many blessings.” -President Obama from his address this Easter

  5. That the BOE is engaging in a cover up is to be expected in a town the size of Dublin. I’ve worked in small towns in GA, and it has always been the case that who you are matters in regard to what happens to you when you’ve stepped over the line. Bill Perry has already created his defense—it’s the parents’ fault that this incident has been “blown out of proportion.” Neither he nor his wife will accept any responsibility for having offended them or their child. Everyone on the BOE is walking on egg shells, hoping for this to blow over as soon as possible. As for the Perrys, I predict he’ll remain on the BOE, and she’ll remain in the classroom. I’ve seen this play before, more than once.

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