elberta peach
elberta peach

The Elberta Peach Award goes to Evan Oglesby

“I believe that every person is born with unlimited potential, and that a person’s ability to maximize their potential is highly correlated with the education and opportunities available to

them through their environment as children.”

– Evan Oglesby

The Evan Oglesby Foundation

Evan Oglesby was born 12/18/1981 in Toccoa, Georgia.  He graduated from Stephens County High School and North Alabama College with a bachelor’s degree in business.  He played the position of cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, and Miami Dolphins.  Evan has a son and a daughter.

With the means and potential to pursue practically anything he desired, he did just that:  Evan returned to his hometown and created an athletics and education program for at-risk youth, which is only fitting since he wants to give back as well as support kids and prepare them for a successful life by offering them opportunities not normally found in small southern towns.  In addition to various sports activities, his center contains a computer lab with one-on-one tutoring available, a laundry service for kids who need it, and devotional time.  Weekend father/son outings and summer camps are regular functions with the EO Foundation.

Through his foundation and his center, Oglesby offers a basketball program, fitness programs for children and adults, academic assistance, and more.

Oglesby said the goal is to help bring together and grow the community.

“We just try to empower the kids to achieve excellence,” said Oglesby.  “We try to live above our limits.  It is a big world out there and I want those guys to achieve greatness.”

Anyone who spends five minutes with Evan and asks about his program will immediately feel his passion for the Foundation as well as be inspired to serve others and make a difference in a child’s life.

Send us your nominees for Elberta or Rotten Peach Award along with an explanation as to why they deserve that distinction.


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