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This video was posted to Twitter on July 1. It is not clear when the incident being filmed took place or where it happened. As more details emerge I will update this article. If you have more information please post them in the comments.

I have not seen this posted on any news site. In addition to beating him with their fists, kicking him repeatedly in the head, and jumping on him they also decided to hit him with his own bike and then proceeded to steal it as well. There is an additional person filming the scene who sounds older and instead of trying to intervene and stop the attack eggs them on and laughs throughout.

I can’t help but think had the 3 boys been white and had savagely beaten a smaller black boy this would have garnered much wider media coverage. In fact, so far I haven’t seen any media coverage at all.


By Kelly Sizemore

Former educator now zealous litigator, representing individuals, companies, and higher education. Caring, conservative, and Christian. Mom and part-time writer when I get the urge. Education advocate.

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