By Jason Downey via Facebook

jason downeyCharter Schools- I support Charter Schools and believe they can be effective. I applaud the hard work that Academy for Classical Education is doing in North Bibb County, and look forward to seeing what Macon Charter Academy‘s impact on the Pleasant Hill Community will be.

As we look to the future, we need to make sure that our Independent Charter Programs are serving the needs of the community. I call on someone to develop an Independent Charter School in one of our impoverished areas like East Macon, Lynmore Estates, Bloomfield, and other parts of our county. One of the keys of an Independent Charter School is transportation, and a child must find his own way there. So, having a “Neighborhood Charter School” is a critical component for reaching EVERY child in Macon-Bibb County. Charter Schools need to be reasonably accessible. 

This is a challenge- will someone step up and develop another Charter School that specifically reaches our impoverished neighborhoods? One that is not a Statewide Charter School, but specifically an Independent Charter School that is approved by the Bibb County Board of Education, much like the aforementioned charters.

I’ve been saying this for nearly two years now, so this is not a new plea. However, I think it’s now time for this to happen.

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