14680529_1109531652428530_188303899263068062_nA large rally will be held at Kennesaw State University’s main campus green this Tuesday, November 1, the day newly-appointed president Sam Olens takes office. It will start at noon. See attached flyer and Facebook event link. This rally comes in conjunction with an EEOC complaint and federal injunction request against Olens based on several factors (see  link).

GoFund Me Campaign to fight Sam Olens Appointment

Additionally there is a GoFundMe page to support the lawsuit. Text of this campaign below. 

Attorney General Sam Olens was appointed as the next President of Kennesaw State University without a national search, without faculty or student government input, with a doctorate nor any experience as a Professor. Mr. Olens is an unsuitable choice, made through a process that lacked transparency and legitimacy. It smacks of cronyism.

Faculty, students and friends of KSU are fighting back!

Funds raised will be used to pay costs related to court filing fees, salaries/fees for attorneys and/or investigators, printing and distributing materials related to this effort, and advertising related to public education on the issue of illegal or corrupt hiring practices at Georgia’s institutions of Higher Education.

GoFundMe keeps 5% of each donation plus a credit card processing fee. If you want to make a donation without these fees, go to any Suntrust bank and deposit into this account: 061000104: 1000195208722.

This account is being hosted by the Cobb division of the SCLC (MLK’s group, Southern Christian Leadership Conference).

Any unused funds will be divided between 3 scholarship funds at KSU: CARE scholarship (for student’s who are homeless or at risk and working with our Care Center);   GAP scholarship for seniors  needing funds in their final semester; and Helen Ridley MS in Conflict Management scholarship.

Thank you for supporting justice and transparency at Kennesaw State University and the University System of Georgia.

 The $430,000 Letter

Below is a letter that was apparently worth close to half a million dollars a year. I am betting Sam is pretty shocked at the pushback of his appointment. He shouldn’t be. He is completely unqualified to take over as president of any university let alone one as big and diverse as KSU. He has zero experience and a record of protecting corruption as Attorney General not of cleaning things up.

If you bother to read this three page letter to Hank Huckaby you will notice Sam Olens  lists a lot of experience that has no relationship to higher education. He even reminisces  working summers at a chicken processing plant? The chairman of Cobb County Commissioners does NOT run day to day operations of the county or departments. I am sure his fellow commissioners would also laugh at his attempt to take all the credit for their good credit rating as well. As Attorney General Olens had no real trial experience and it showed. In his biggest profile case against Dan Balfour he lost! He spent millions of taxpayer funds on this lawsuit. He was a complete failure as Attorney General and he would be even more inept as the president of KSU.


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3 thoughts on “Rally against Sam Olens on November 1st at KSU”
  1. Thank you for sharing this info. Olens is as corrupt as Gov. Deal, Wendall Willard, House Chapman Ralston and a whole lot more!!

  2. Please read my new op-ed in the telegraph about the state of affairs in Macon. January 2017. Please update this site.

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