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By Bob Tuskin

cop stabs shoots dog

Smotherman shot his dog, Whiskey, three times with a .45-caliber gun and slashed its throat with an 8-inch knife at his home in far west unincorporated Bexar County.

San Antonio, TX — A former police officer was sentenced to 18 months in jail Friday for the shooting and stabbing of his family’s dog. Robert Smotherman, claimed his dog had been acting aggressive towards his children and that he was forced to put the dog down. However, his version of the story was met by many witnesses and even his own son’s claim that he was acting in anger.

According to records, Smotherman previously served as a law enforcement officer for two Oklahoma agencies. As many of our regular readers know, “Puppycide,” seems to be a reoccurring theme in law enforcement today.

That being said, the thought of a former cop doing this to his own families pet, is perhaps even more shocking; and the way in which it was done is by far the most disturbing part.

Defense for Smotherman tried to claim that this was a mercy killing, however Christopher Karl, the case prosecutor, countered their account by saying “this was not an instance of a mercy killing.” He goes on to say that by all means it was clear that this was a case of rage and malice.

Police reports show a neighbor had called 911 after hearing shoots from Smotherton’s home.

A deputy testified that upon arrival he heard another gunshot and approached him standing near the dog.

My San Antonio reports:

“The animal had a large gash on his throat and was bleeding profusely, but he wagged his tail when a deputy approached, according to a police report. A bloody 8-inch hunting knife with a “gut hook” was sticking out of the ground, and investigators learned Smotherman stabbed Whiskey with it.”

The dog was wagging his tail as animal rescue took it to be euthanized.

Besides jail time, Smotherman was also fined $1,500.00 to pay restitution to Animal Care Services.

Smotherman wept as he was sentenced and brought to jail. Was justice served? What are your thoughts on this disturbing case?

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