month ago I published an article called Questions Remain on Gainesville Salvage and Disposal Sale To Copart which received a lot of attention. In fact it has now been read by over 15,000 people. In that article I went into some detail about the sale of Nathan Deal and Kenneth Cronan’s Salvage yard to Copart. During the course of my research I just happened to notice some late payments on property taxes and also some other entities with C&D in their names which pretty clearly stands for Cronan and Deal.

Today I was emailed some additional information by a concerned citizen with some other names and info I decided to share. Instead of writing out a long explanation or spoon feeding you anything, I trust all you citizen watchdogs out there to be able to put  the pieces together. I will let the documents speak for themselves.

I would recommend however reading my Copart article above first since these documents will serve to add additional evidence in that story. This also seems to augment my case that Hall County seems especially blessed. In fact it is an oasis in Georgia surrounded by a desert of people thirsty for good schools, jobs, a fair shot and just trying to get by while Deal and his Cronies laugh all the way to the bank.

How nice to see cronyism is now expanding to the extended family.  🙄


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By Alan Wood

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