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I happen to be a big Larry David fan. One episode of his show Curb Your Enthusiasm was called Crazy Eyes though it was spelled differently. While I was looking for a photo of Casey Cagle to include  in this article, I came across several where his eyes appear to be bulged out for some odd reason. As soon as I saw these photos I immediately recalled that Curb Your enthusiasm episode.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.16.15 AM
Krazee- Eyez Killa from Curb Your Enthusasm

The photo concerned me a wee bit and I hope Cagle doesn’t have proptosis, the medical term for bulging eyes caused by conditions like hyperthyroidism or Graves’ disease. If that is the case I apologize in advance and it would really make me look like an ass. But if this is just a bad pose you might consider a less baleful glance in the future. I am honestly not trying to be vicious, but I don’t think that is the look that will endear you to voters if you plan to run for Governor unless you are just going for the Howard Dean  fans.

I suppose I also couldn’t miss the irony that Cagle appears to be sabotaging the beer jobs bill and also the medical marijuana bill but takes all these photos that resemble someone tripping. To be absolutely clear 101013_deal_debate_ap_605I am not suggesting for a second that he is on drugs or is in any way “crazy” or impaired. I am only suggesting that he consider practicing a less creepy pose in the future.

Since Cagle appears to be a clone of Nathan Deal in terms of policies, I suggest he adopt Deal’s famous “cat just ate the canary” pose that he has mastered ever so well. You don’t have to think too long to guess what Deal is thinking in that photo while looking menacingly at Jason Carter in a debate. But enough about the reason I chose the title and on to the real purpose of this article. Good ol’ fashioned Georgia politics Hall county style.

Casey Cagle has made some big blunders this past week and is beginning to piss off a lot of his Republican base. He has made a lot of mistake in the past as well but most Republicans never noticed. But this time he is messing with a lot of desperately sick people and beer so people took note.

Not only does it appear he is trying to sabotage the medical marijuana bill by stripping it down to just children with epileptic seizures, but he is also angering beer drinkers by working behind the scenes to prevent a vote on the beer jobs bill SB63. The hash tag #LETTHEMVOTE is trending with many people venting at Cagle for trying to kill the beer bill by not allowing a vote.

Cagle has also been working secretly behind the scenes to cut out many of the medical conditions that are listed in HB-1. Now we understand why he was so secretive about his position. Rumor has it that Cagle, Deal, and others are only comfortable with kids with epileptic seizures being in the bill and no one else. This is to appease Georgia Sheriff’s, Prosecutors, and Big Pharma lobbyists. Certain pharmaceutical companies that happen to be his donors  are against marijuana reform because it will hit their bottom line.  This is also the primary reason alcohol distributors are against the beer jobs bill. The Sheriff’s and Prosecutors are worried they won’t be able to fill up their for-profit prisons and seize as many assets or shake people down as easily for quick arrests.

We need a Governor and Lieutenant Governor that aren’t so willing to sell their souls so cheaply. I sometimes wonder if Nathan Deal’s  oath contained the phrase Primum non nocere “First, Do No Harm” and he misunderstood it to mean”First, Do ONLY Harm”. Because that is certainly what he seems to be doing.  It now appears  his sidekick Crazy Eyes Cagle is following lockstep to ol’ Boss Hogg to prove he is a good ol’ boy. He knows where his bread is buttered and it ain’t by the people of Georgia apparently.

The NORML-Church Lady Marijuana Index

A short while ago I wrote an article entitled Medical Cannabis May Determine Georgia’s Next Governor. In that article I speculated that the battle of medical marijuana may influence who becomes Georgia’s next governor. Allen Peake has quickly gained statewide name recognition over his push for passing HB-1. I have criticized Mr. Peake, perhaps a bit  harshly at times, because I support full legalization period.

His stance towards locking people up for years for having 21 ounces of this CBD oil while calling it a miracle if it is 20 ounces or less seems irreconcilable to me. I have never heard him give any convincing reasons why he continue to oppose legalization. In fact I haven’t ever heard him give ANY reasons at all for his draconian positions for anything besides low THC oil.

I think removal of in-state growing, limiting it to only oil, lowering the THC levels, and removing so many conditions was unnecessary. If Cagle is trying to strip the bill anyways, then Peake should have left all the conditions in the original bill and made Cagle fall even harder on his sword. Imagine the outrage once people learned Cagle took a bill intended to help tens of thousands with around 18 conditions and strips it down to one condition helping far fewer people just to appease his donors. Now that is pretty heartless.

I think it insane that a plant that can do so much good and has never killed anyone is illegal in the first place. I also find it unconscionable that millions have been arrested and have their lives ruined for choosing to smoke marijuana while so may other die from alcohol and cigarettes which are legal. But at least Allen Peake is trying to offer a compromise and help people while Cagle and Deal are playing games with people lives. And for what? So they can keep their donors happy?

In my previous article I speculated that Casey Cagle had a chance to kill two birds with one stone by being to the left of Allen Peake and possibly working with Curt Thompson to create a Senate version of a medical marijuana bill that would be less restrictive and onerous than Peake’s HB-1.  At that time I had no idea where Casey Cagle stood on the issue since he had played his cards so close to his vest.  I now know that Cagle appears to be in the pocket of his donors and doesn’t seem to give a frack about the people this bill could help.

84% of Georgians support medical marijuana !!!. So it would not be hard for Cagle to ride that tidal wave of support and give the people of the state what they are demanding. But much to my disbelief he has chosen instead to side with his donors and not the people.

The fact that only a small minority of malcontents representing only 16% of the state can wield so much influence is truly sickening but among that 16% are people that have donated heavily to both Nathan Deal and Casey Cagle. More often than not a weak politician will do the bidding of his donors and ignore the will of the people.

I  believe Allen Peake’s main goal is just to bring some relief to people. Peake  wouldn’t object to more conditions being added back in the Senate and was disappointed when they were removed in the House. Around nine additional conditions were removed from committee.

I also believe that Peake has probably now studied this issue long enough to understand higher THC level would also help more people than setting some arbitrary low limit of 5%. He is having an internal battle between his prohibitionist/GOP loyalist side fighting against his logical/compassionate side of his conscience. Hopefully he will continue to evolve and loosen up a bit and not be so quick to want to incarcerate people simply for smoking marijuana when he can’t articulate any reasons why that is a bad thing.

I am still concerned that Peake chose to write in the bill that 20 ounces of CBD oil is a miracle but 21 ounces is a felony. He hasn’t quite shaken off all of his prohibitionist views and needs to continue his journey towards enlightenment.

Don’t mess with the Don

Don leeburn and girlfriend Don Leeburn Jr. is the CEO of Georgia Crown Distribution and some would say the real  CEO of all of Georgia. If Georgia has a kingmaker this is the guy. He also sits on the powerful Board of Regents and has more influence in the state than practically anyone else. Some have said that Don Leeburn is like the Donald Trump of Georgia and that has some merit. Certainly their temperaments, egos, and personalities are similar. But Leeburn has far more actual political power and clout than Trump could ever dream of having.

Leeburn is known as the Georgia Kingmaker not without good reason. He and several more of the Leeburn clan are big donors to Cagle and Deal. Alcohol distributors are against breweries being able to sell beer directly to customers like practically every other state because it would hit their bottom line. They are not so eager to give up their monopoly and the power they now wield over breweries. Once a beer company chooses a distributor they are practically locked in for life with no way to separate. Leeburn is reluctant to give breweries any freedom to sell their own beer which is a very un-Republican point of view.

Don’t belive me? Well order a copy of Behind the Hedges and you might change your mind.

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Republican Base on Social Media Skewer Cagle Over Cronyism and Hypocrisy

The comments on Cagle’s Facebook page are universally negative.  I have posted only a small sampling below. I had hoped that Casey Cagle had some integrity, but it appears he is just a Nathan Deal Mini-Me intent on doing his bidding.  😡 What a shame that Georgia keeps electing people who are opposed to practically everything the voters actually support. Even more of a shame that voters seem unable to catch on to this fact and continue to vote for the party and not the policies.
From Facebook
Casey's reaction
Casey’s reaction

Bill Thornton: If you can’t hear our voices over the roar of the campaign contributions from GBWA members then it is time to start working to vote you out.

Wake up Casey Cagle. Your actions aren’t following the words you speak. Are you a liar and a GBWA lackey or a man of your word?

Steve Greenwood: Is your post a reference to how you’re a slave to all the money those wholesalers give to your campaign? It’s time to realize that the people and jobs of Georgia are more important than your campaign contributions. SupportSB63!Erin Lundmark: #Stopcronycapitalism. Let usbuy beer from our favorite breweries!! The peopleshould be heard… Not your pockets lined.Lt_Gov_Casey_CagleChris Hardin: Hey @CaseyCagle it is time to #StopWhiteCollarBribery, and #LetThemVote on SB63. GA needs jobs and tourism & SB63 drives both! #GaBeerAlyssa Ballew: I was trying to find a way to email you. Why did you send HB 1 to Rep Unterman? She is the reason this bill failed last year. No research needs to be done. Let’s get this thing passed, so Georgia families can come home, so my family can come home. I am trying my hardest to be respectful, but I just want to cry. This infuriates me.

Kevin Cheek Does God know you accepted $40k+ from alcohol distributers last year alone? Well, I’m sure he does but do the people who voted for you know? I have voted for you in every election you’ve run in for this state… but that sir, stops today! Why are you taking money from distribution lobbiest that want to squash local breweries? These are hard working men and women that strengthen the economy, create jobs and increase tourism in towns all over Georgia! Yet, you seek to block me from being able to buy a six pack of Terrapin, Creature Comforts or Red Brick because your buddies might lose a couple dollars from their tightly controlled three tier system. You sir, need to do what’s best for the citizens of this state, not your buddy’s pocket… or for yours

G8BL_100114_Ga_Sheriff_Salute20140925_6872Robin Addleton Crosby: I am happy that you are a Christian man and are willing to post scripture. I am not happy that you are putting politics above suffering people, many of whom voted for you. You put a dagger in all sufferers and their loved ones’ hearts by placing the important House Bill I into the hands of a hostile Chairman when many were begging you not to. Where is the wisdom in that decision. I am asking you to place people above politics. If you leave sufferers behind then I hope YOU are left behind in your next election. I find joy, comfort and peace through Christ knowing that God has a purpose for all of Katie’s pain and will use it for her good and His glory. I do not find any comfort in you playing politics. Seizure kids have died since you last did nothing to help when Renee Unterman stalled last year. Yet once again, you placed this bill in her hands. It is never too late to do the RIGHT thing. You CAN influence this bill staying intact with the nine diagnoses and 5% THC! Honestly, what would you have done differently or vote if YOUR child, wife, parent or best friend were in the position that my husband and I are in with our beautiful talented 26 year old daughter? We have spent over $100,000 seeing over 50 doctors and none of the “legal” prescription drugs are helping. In fact, there horrible side affects and withdrawals are horrible!!! ALL we want is to exercise our right as citizens to try a GOD CREATED plant for pain relief. The House has shown to be compassionate! Why would the Senate want to leave sufferers behind? Are you all not compassionate? PLEASE let compassion override FEAR or POLITICS.

By Alan Wood

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