The scofflaw that made Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal rich while in office is also donating heavily to support the governor’s reelection according to IRS reports. That same company owes the state more than $70 million in back taxes, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

A few weeks ago I wrote a very detailed article about Copart and their purchase of Nathan Deal’s business which allowed him to go from a broke pauper to a millionaire over night. Questions Remain on Gainesville Salvage and Disposal Sale To Copart 

The company, Copart, already made the governor millions in a shady business deal last year. Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Copart is spending big to get the governor reelected, while still refusing to pay its back taxes.

According to an IRS filing, the company gave $100,000 to Gov. Deal’s largest political benefactor, the Republican Governors Association this year.

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That donation followed Gov. Deal’s sale of his salvage yard to the company in a deal worth at least $3.2 million dollars. The Georgia Department of Revenue says that Copart owes the state more than $74 million in back taxes.

“Why would a tax cheat that owes Georgia taxpayers more than $70 million be so dedicated to re-electing Gov. Deal?” said Carter for Governor spokesperson Bryan Thomas. “They know that as long as they keep sending him personal checks and filling his campaign coffers, he’ll never force them to pay Georgia taxpayers back.

“The RGA elected Gov. Deal. Copart made him rich. Neither organization cares about the Georgia families who are struggling under the governor’s friends-and-family government.”

The governor has refused to do anything to collect the back taxes owed to Georgians, even while taking $10,000 every month from the tax cheat for his personal bank account.

The Republican Governors Association has already spent at least $2.6 million to bolster Deal’s bid for reelection, making them one of the largest political spenders in Georgia this year. The governor will campaign and fundraise with the organization’s chairman, Gov. Chris Christie, this week.

By Alan Wood

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