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We have just learned that GRU President Ricardo Azziz has informed his staff of his intentions. Huckaby said the board of regents is meeting this afternoon to discuss the matter.

Huckaby said to WSB TV reporters that he understands “there is a letter to that effect in my office right now.” He added that Azziz made the decision voluntarily. Yeah, sure he did Huckaby just like you told us Dr. Tricloi’s resignation was also voluntary which was a complete lie.

Many in Augusta will know there was and is still a huge controversy over the choice of the name for Georgia Regents University. GRU comprises nine colleges and schools: the College of Allied Health Sciences, College of Arts, Humanities, and Health Sciences, College of Dental Medicine, College of Education, College of Graduate Studies, College of Nursing, College of Science and Mathematics, the Hull College of Business, and the Medical College of Georgia.

In january of 2012 the USG under their infinite wisdom approved the merger of Georgia Health Sciences University with Augusta State University and apparently lacked anyone with even a modicum of creativity and came up with the very sterile name of Georgia Regents University. The logical and overwhelming consensus favorite was The University of Augusta.

Many were extremely saddened to lose the word Augusta in their name and rightfully so. What were they thinking beyond narcissistic arrogance when they decided on a ridiculously non-descriptive and non-emotive name like Georgia Regents? By losing Augusta in the name they lost their identity and let’s just be honest, the name Georgia Regents just plain sucks.

WJBF TV station out of Augusta had this to say about the resignation of Dr. Azziz. “There was an even bigger scandal two years ago over the name “Georgia Regents University”. Many people in the CSRA were outraged that Dr. Azziz did not use his influence to back the name “University of Augusta” despite public polling that suggested this is what the people of Augusta wanted.”

Here is what a golfer on the school team had to say about the name change.

Australia’s Mitch Krywulycz, who played on the 2010 and 2011 national-championship teams, said he might not have visited campus during a trip to Georgia if “Augusta” weren’t in the school’s name.

“When it’s Augusta State, you think of the Masters and all of the tournaments Greg Norman lost, as an Australian,” Krywulycz said. “I don’t like to admit it, but it would’ve been different (if the name had not been Augusta State). I probably wouldn’t have come.”

Azziz also faced controversy over $280,000 in repairs and renovations at his home which is owned by the USG. Part of that included a questionable request to spend $75,000 on a carport expansion to the existing two-car garage. Hopefully at his next job he will be able to find a home with a larger garage. I doubt too many USG employees are too sympathetic since most make less than $75,000 a year in salary.

I have serious doubt if the resignation by President Ricardo Azziz was voluntary or he will be leaving on amicable terms. I doubt we will ever learn the true motives for his resignation unless it was for a better paying job. I suppose that depends on whether Azziz gets a severance package to his satisfaction or not.

The way this came as a such a surprise and so suddenly leaves me to believe there is a lot more we do not know and may never know. Perhaps there was a personal or family reason for the suddenness of his departure and we will report more details if new information is released. He was also in the running for a presidents job at UNLV, University of Florida, and the University of Texas Rio Grande so maybe his sudden resignation had to do with greener pastures.It is clear he had been looking for an exit strategy for a few years.

Hopefully one day soon I will be able to report that Hank Huckaby has resigned and I think a collective sigh of relief will be celebrated all over the state of Georgia by college faculty and students that have so far avoided being swallowed in his merger mania.

By Alan Wood

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  1. Why do I have such a strong feeling that Huckaby and Rob Watts, his main henchman were behind this. Ten universities in Georgia became 5 and 5 fewer presidents as a result. Hope you investigate the real reasons for this resignation because I would bet my last dollar this was not voluntary or amicable.

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