Today the Atlanta Journal reported that the RGA is heeding Nathan’s Deal’s call for help as the election nears and polls shows Carter in a tie or a lead depending on which you believe.  Apparently this particular PAC is The Republican Governors association headed by Chris Christie of NJ.

James Salzer reports that the Washington-based group is dropping another $1 million into Deal’s re-election bid in September. That pumps their total investment to $2.6 million in Georgia. This is the same group responsible for that flier I received in the mail a few days ago which prompted me to write this article Nathan Deal and PACs Resort to Samsung Desperation Tactics

RGA is in full panic mode. With less than 30 days to go and Deal has never even sniffed 50%. That’s unprecidented territory for an incumbent Governor especially one in Georgia! Even Barnes consistently polled over 50% in both races.

So Deal is throwing everything including the kitchen sink at Carter, but here’s the problem….voters aren’t buying it. Deal can outspend Carter 3 to 1 just like Barnes did with Sonny and it’s just not going to make a difference. Deal is a crook and the voters have made up their minds.

And here’s the bad news for Deal…Carter hasn’t begun the run the ads about the ethics scandal yet. Political junkies and readers of this website know about the scandals, but Joe Six Pack never watches the news or Reads the paper. Most people are shocked when they hear about Deal’s ethics problems and Jason is about to explain it to the average Georgian. Look for ethics ads on football games, deer hunting shows and Honey BooBoo reruns.

Nathan, it looks like it might be time to retire into obscurity back in Gainesville. Help Burt out with his Pumpkin Farm, I am sure he could use the help.

By Alan Wood

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