If you look at the screenshot below from Progressive Consulting you will see the words “The only Capabilities maturity Model Integrated Company in Macon,GA.” You will also notice a logo for the Software Engineering Institute and the name Carnegie-Mellon which are trademarked. There is only one problem, Progressive  Consulting have no affiliation with either of those entities. If you are unsure why this matters please read this article first which explains how this company is connected to Bibb County Schools.

More Details Emerge Involving Missing $52 Million from Bibb County Schools


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When I contacted this organization I received the following reply.

“Thank you for contacting us. The logo displayed on the website you reference below belongs to the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). This logo is unique to the SEI and is not a “Partner” logo.


The CMMI Product suite was transitioned from the Software Engineering Institute to the CMMI Institute in December 2012; the logo is not a CMMI Institute Partner logo either.  A  complete list of our Partners can be found at http://partners.clearmodel.com/


In your message you refer to a “certification,” please note that we nor our partners certify organizations.  We do conduct appraisals which result in maturity levels.  Sometimes the word certification is confused with “appraised at.” With regard to appraisals for particular organizations, we do not share that information. Appraisals have a three-year validity period and all active appraisals, for which we are permitted to share information, are published at our Published Appraisal Results (PARS) website at https://sas.cmmiinstitute.com/pars/pars.aspx “


My Reply.

Thank you for a very detailed explanation. I checked both links you provided and Progressive Consulting is not listed in either list. Regardless of the appropriate term, it appears they should not be using that logo or advertising that on their website to solicit business based off of the SEI organization or Carnegie-Mellon.
Their final response:
“You are correct.”
When you are advertising your business and you use a logo, certification, or partner type of logo on your website and you are not affiliated with that company, organization, agency, or university that is a serious problem. It is also important to note that the Software engineering Institute and Canegie-Mellon are registered trademarks and do not have any sort or partner or affiliation status. That logo is unique and is only permitted for use on those two entities. 
These certification entities exist for a reason. Just like the bar exams for lawyers, board certifications for medical specialities, CEDIA for integrated installers, HVAC for installing air conditioners and hundreds more….you are not allowed to represent yourself with an expertise or affiliation with another company if you do not qualify.

In the email above they made mention that they had transitioned from the Software Engineering Institute to the CMMI Institute in December 2012. They now have what are known as maturity levels based on evaluations. If you click their link you can see those “maturity levels” range from 1 to 5. One thing you will not see is the name Progressive Consulting on that list. 

I do not know the penalty for falsely using these type of logos and misrepresentations on a website, but I would imagine it is severe. Once you do do business with a school system that is using federal funds as well there could be some additional penalties for such a misrepresentation.

Perhaps the other technology companies involved in no-bid arrangements under Dallemand deserve equal scrutiny as well. In fact, I would think all contracts whether technology related or not deserve scrutiny and this most certainly would include the Promise Neighborhood, Induction Lighting, and a few others.

If there are errors presented in this article I welcome Progressive Consulting to provide proof of their credentials or certification that allows them to use that logo and this article will be removed and an apology issued. I am basing this article both from the websites which allow you to search partner status and also from contacting the CMI Institute directly.




By Alan Wood

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    1. I had already discovered that information last night before you ever commented or I even published my article in fact. I was just waiting for the confirmation today of the email that I included in this piece before I felt I could use stronger terms.

      But I wonder what else remains to be learned about Progressive and all these other companies..much more to come so stay tuned.

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