WMAZ in Macon reports that the judge has reversed the Macon-Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to rezone Zebulon Road from residential to commercial to make way for a large shopping center. This is fantastic news for both the residents along Zebulon that complained and the county as a whole. Too bad we had to have a judge do the job the P&Z should have done all along.

Superior Court Judge Edgar Ennis’s order cites Georgia law, which states a zoning decision must be set aside and remanded for further action if the local authority doesn’t follow its own zoning procedures. Based on that part of the law, the appeal was granted.

Glenn Smith, a spokesperson for the neighborhood association said, “We are thankful for the ruling by Judge Ennis to reverse the rezoning. We continue to believe that the Zebulon Road corridor should remain a residential area. There already exists ample property in nearby areas for commercial development without situating a shopping center in the middle of the neighborhood. ”

This was one of the very first articles I ever wrote when I started this new blog back in July. I spoke with Mr. Smith and a few others at the time and they were grateful for me writing my article and giving it a bit more publicity. Zebulon Rd. Development Symptom of Larger Problem

As I stated in my article above I think Macon desperately needs a new long-term sustainable growth plan and we also need a partnership with the people and the government agencies to jointly create that plan. This is a wonderful victory and hopefully not the last.



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