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Unless you have a really good excuse like serious illness, you really need to vote today. Mid-terms are actually far more important to your day-to-day life since so many of the offices like Governor, state school superintendent, attorney general, insurance commissioner, etc will actually have a far bigger impact on your life than what they do in D.C. where gridlock is the current fashion and nothing gets done at all.

The Governor and other state offices however will have a huge impact on your lives.

I have made no secret for my disdain for Nathan Deal due to his long history of corruption spanning decades and the fact that he has been an ineffective Governor. He has led Georgia to last in the country in unemployment,and close to last in nearly all other categories. He is only worried about enriching his pockets and those of his friends and donators so please tell Nathan Deal we aren’t stupid and send him a message. Andrew Hunt or Jason carter are both good and decent men that will make a far better Governor than Deal. But even if you decide for whatever reason Deal is your guy, I still encourage you to vote. It is the right thing to do.

By Alan Wood

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