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Jay Bookman discussed the newly found $1 billion in transportation funding in Georgia and reaches a pretty obvious conclusion. They want to force local governments to play the fall guys and take all the heat. What this means is people all over the state can expect to have their property and other local taxes raised to make up for the $1 billion shortfall. Talk about the oldest trick in the book. A complete slide of hand and blame to local guys for any tax increase while the politicians in Atlanta get away with clean hands.

Jay Bookman writes:

Most of that money is generated through legislative sleight-of-hand. It takes somewhere between $550 million and $700 million a year in revenue sources traditionally used by local governments and converts that money into state transportation funds. In other contexts, you might call that stealing. In Georgia, it’s called leadership.

Make sure and read the whole article below. Make sure and factor in higher property taxes thanks to the shell game the Governor and Republicans in Atlanta are playing. Did they really think the people of Georgia are this stupid? Seeing as Nathan Deal who is perhaps the most corrupt and also mist ineffective governor in the country was re-elected they have good reason to think so.

By Alan Wood

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