I am starting a new series called Pulse on Georgia where I will choose comments from News articles, tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and anything else I can find of interest on the top news stories to take a pulse of what the people in Georgia are saying. Not the news media but actual people and the candidates without the noise. Feel free to share your own in comments below the article. I will try and choose the top rated comments,  the ones that have the most likes or up votes or retweets.  I often find some the comments on articles don’t hold back any punches and I enjoy that raw passion on issues.  

I have started a new hash tag on twitter #PulseOnGeorgia where you can submit your own suggestions or links you feel would be a good fit for this series. I will try and update this weekly. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook and submit your suggestions directly.



Deal cut taxes on the one percent and left the 99% with the bills, including his lawsuit settlements.

 At some point, working folks need to figure out who has their interests in mind and who doesn’t. Perdue doesn’t. Neither does Deal. We need “job creators” who want to create jobs in the US, not elsewhere.


During a July 2005 deposition, a transcript of which was provided to POLITICO, Perdue spoke at length about his role in Pillowtex’s collapse, which led to the loss of more than 7,600 jobs. Perdue was asked about his “experience with outsourcing,” and his response was blunt.

“Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that,” Perdue said, according to the 186-page transcript of his sworn testimony.




A Georgia man was awoken Wednesday morning to find a police helicopter hovering overhead and sheriff’s deputies at the door to search his property for drugs.

“They were strapped to the gills,” said Dwayne Perry, describing the heavily armed officers.

Agents from the Governor’s Task Force for drug suppression flying overhead spotted what they believed to be marijuana growing in the yard of Perry’s home in Cartersville, reported WSB-TV.

But the plants were, in fact, okra.



 I’m struck by the irony that thousands of Georgians are sitting in jails and prions across the state–and in federal facilities also–as a result of being charged with crimes that are far less serious than the many clearly criminal acts committed by this governor. So why isn’t this man in jail?

I don’t know whether or not this state’s Republicans are too blind, too dumb or too much of both to see what a breathtakingly dishonest, loathsome and corrupt man they are supporting.



In 2013 Georgia changed employee withholding exemptions to the following:  Employees who claim married filing separate, married filing joint, or head of household can no longer claim more than one (1) personal allowance. Any personal allowances claimed greater than one (1) will be ignored.   Now @peewilly in your household this may translate to chump change and cut taxes for Georgia families but in mines and everyone else’s it translates to more money in the state coffers and less take home on our paychecks.  #weknownathan and you do not care that the average middle class American does not have access to 150k in chump change as you put it.

Shady is in a corner.

He really needs some sort of information to come out that makes him look less crooked, but the news keeps flowing like a river in the ‘more crooked’ direction.

Are there really that many people in Georgia who REALLY want a Governor that is even more crooked than the ever growing volumes prove?



Bottom line: The people who vote for this lying SNAKE don’t care. They care that “Obummer” is inexplicably ruining their lives by expanding access to health care for those who previously couldn’t get it. They vote “R” because they believe in the magic power of “R” and the demonic evil of “D.”  They don’t pay attention to what “R” people do, because their true religion (Self Love in the Holy Church of the Free Market, as evangelized by FOX and Friends) discourages paying attention.

Facts are for arugula-chomping elitists, doncha know. Like Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, they believe that the great round “R” will descend upon our land like magic and rid the world of the nasty vermin that is anyone who dares to defile this great country of ours by appearing on a ballot with a “D” beside his or her name.



More financial shenanigans.  We already know Deal was run out of the U.S. Congress over unethical financial dealings.  We know he is getting $10,000 per month from a Georgia tax dodger to overlook that particular problem.  We know too that he secured at least a $25,000 bribe from Blue Cross Health Insurance to illegally cancel the United contract and award it to Blue Cross.  We also know he took at least $35,000 from United to try to get the contract back – a state contract that has not been competitively bid as required by Georgia State Law.  Couple this with the refusal to accept $millions back from Georgia federal taxes for Medicaid, the unnecessary ‘Bed Tax’, the unnecessary $100 million supplement to the state health insurance plan, etc., etc.  This is a real bad Deal and anybody that signs up for a continuation is a major sucker – paying through the nose to support a criminal.

Thank – You! Sam for shedding some light on the Harry Reid support issue from Michelle. Many were not aware of this inside information and naturally all would understand your’s and Michelle’s feelings.

Now that is over, You must forgive Leader Harry Reid for Harry was not aware that ole John Barrow did not have enough Democratic support to win ole Hollywood Saxby’s Senate seat. As long as John Barrow has been in Congress anyone would expect a full support. but “NOT” in John Barrow’s case. John’s support for the Democratic Party of Georgia has been in NAME only. John Barrow has been the kind of Turn Coat Democrat all would rather see Flushed, than see returned to Congress. John Barrow is the last of the old Dixiecrat’s in Office in Georgia. There will not be anymore forth coming after him. None that will win a Congressional seat. Do not hold that ill advised recommendation against ole Harry Reid.

Harry just did not have all of the information on the game players here in Georgia for Hollywood Saxby’s untimely departure. Sam, You know Michelle’s success in a few weeks lies on the progressive Voters of Georgia having some assurances your Daughter, Michelle Nunn is FIRMLY in the corner of Leader Harry Reid for Senate Leader.

If that is not Case tell US NOW! For I and many others would rather allow the Destroyer David “LYING” Perdue have his way with the Georgia Voters. Just as David had his way with the Factory worker’s in North Carolina and the Women Managers of the Family Dollar Stores while David was CEO.

I would rather see that outcome Truthfully than to be Lied too by Michelle Nunn. So Please do not upset the APPLE CART at this Late date. Michelle has David ” The Job Killer” Perdue on his heels. Michelle’s message about David’s business record and practices have shed light on what many would call…A Very Interesting expertise and Career of Destroying the American Worker and The American Family, One Job at a time.

The Filthy choice by the Georgia GOP to select David ” Killer of the American Family through personal Greed” Perdue is representative of their feeling of and about the People and Voters of Georgia. Not MUCH at ALL! They see Georgia Voters as DUMMIES and tools to be used for their own shortsighted and distorted political purposes no one is Buying anymore.

However, none of this is surprising to anyone with a Brain. The Georgia GOP are not the Wisest decision Makers around. Look who they have given Us as Governor..A Very Unethical Selfish Crook!

and then they have the Nerve to send the same CROOK around for a Second Term request. But I think the Voters of Georgia have had enough of the Lies, Promises and scandals. No More of that!

Grandpa and Grandma Kettle aka Nathan and Sandra Deal can Limp and hobble on into the sunset with their Medicare cards in hand. For Georgia can do better than those two fer sure.

David ” Filthy Money Changer” Perdue is Very much like The Typical Republican Candidate running for any National Level of Office. They seem to have a FILTHY LOT they are choosing from every Election Cycle. A Scraping of the Bottom of the Barrel Swamp Water if you will. We jut cannot Afford the un- wise leadership of these Demagogues from the Pit pretending to be Leaders of Wise decisions for they cannot and NO that are Not Wise At ALL!

So Sam let us all be smart about this and move ahead as planned and we will ALL be Winners in the end. Michelle Nunn and Harry Reid are both Needed and required in the U.S. Senate to keep check on the Republican Children of Darkness.

If this Lot of American Satan Worshipers are not properly supervised. Their choice would be to put America on a swift path of an UNTIMELY DEMISE through their selfish and Greediness of the ALMIGHTY GREEN JESUS (money), they Love so much. Green Jesus (money) is their GOD and True Love more than anything in the World, even more than America her self.. Their rhetoric and policies proves this Love without any ambiguity or misunderstanding at ALL. and We Jest cannot let that Happen.



David C October 3, 2014 at 3:15 pm

The fact that the Deal camp seems to want to spend half their time running against Jimmy seems not to be a good sign for them. I’d be curious what the latter’s rating among the voters is now, given a few months ago he polled at 2 to 1 favorable impression among Georgians. And if the average Georgian knows one thing about JC, it’s that he’s Sunday School incorruptable, even if you disagree with him. That’s not something Deal wants to be running against.


eburke October 3, 2014 at 4:09 pm

I have voted for Republicans most of the time, but I tend to agree with you. I am embarrassed by the current Governor and will vote for an honest person with whom I may not agree but who I genuinely believe has the State’s best interest at heart. I am one of those traditional Republican voters who will vote for some Democrats this time around because of the arrogance of the Governor and his staff and all those who cover up and make excuses for him.


Mark Rountree October 3, 2014 at 5:32 pm

OK, being analytical about this….

If it’s ultimately accurate that 32% of the white vote goes to Carter as the IA poll states (which, to be very clear, I don’t think it will), then it’s hardly a race stuck in the mud. That scenario would be a decisive win for Carter, and here is why:

1). about 93% of black voters will ultimately vote for Carter. If you assume that 32% of the electorate will be black as AI does (which I think is also too high, but that’s another story), then that’s a NET 29.76% to the Carter camp. (Note: the IA poll has 18% of blacks voting for Deal, not the 93% that I estimate here. But no one, including AI, actually believes 18% will really vote this way, barring some bizarre turn of events).

2). the IA poll has just 10 people out of 947 participants being non-black/non-white. Realistically however, 4% or 5% or so of all voters will fall into this “other” category (Asian, Hispanic, Indian, etc). If Carter wins two-thirds of this “Other” group (66%), then that would add a NET 3% out of 5% to the Carter camp.

3). if white voters are 64% of the electorate (which is close to the 2010 % of this group), and if Carter were to win 32% of these white voters as the IA poll shows, that would be a net 20.48% to the Carter camp.

+29.76% (net from black voters)
+ 3% (net from ‘other voter’s)
+ 20.48% (net from white voters)
…would equal 53.24% to Carter.

If 32% of white voters vote for a Democratic candidate, that would not be a situation of sticking mud. That would be a new governor with no runoff.

Finally, I don’t write this as criticism at all, though I don’t agree with all the findings and conclusions. In the big picture there are some pretty important findings here that we have likewise been finding at Landmark, as I have written here previously.




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