I happened to notice this video on the Facebook news feed. It has already been viewed over a million times. The reason I chose to share this are a few reasons. Most importantly it brought back the memory of a friend of mine who came out to his parents in Macon, GA over 25 years ago. Unlike the father in this video though my friend was ridiculed, beaten and kicked out of the only home he had ever known. He was 18. Less than a year later he had committed suicide. His parents are still alive and have to live with the emotional horror that their intolerance and inability to give unconditional love to their only child cause his suicide.

LGBT rights are dear to my heart and with the current “religious liberty” bill in Georgia which is little more than a way to legalize discrimination it is important that more good people speak out. The recently fired Atlanta fire chief compared gay people to bestiality and pederasts and then wonders why gay teen suicide is high.  Bullying of gay teens and finding no support from their families are the prime reason that the suicide rate is so high among gay teens and homophobia is the last remaining socially tolerated bigotry.

it is a shame that in the year 2015 these twins are still scared to tell their father they are gay. Luckily for them instead of getting attacked he responds with the simple word of “I Love you”. Imagine that.

By Alan Wood

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