Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens

By Stephen F. Humphreys, P.C.

The Attorney General has cast many knowingly false aspersions and engaged in major obstructionism in dragging out the Benedek case–about then-UGA President Michael Adams attempting to revoke Benedek’s tenure based on knowingly false charges and knowingly fabricated evidence. Now it is more than two years since the case against Adams and the Board of Regents was filed and a court is yet to hear the first fact or piece of evidence presented.

This stonewalling has been self-interested–and subject to a major conflict of interest–since the Attorney General is in the process creating a smokescreen for his own misconduct, which includes criminal RICO predicate acts of evidence tampering, influencing witnesses, and subornation of perjury.

Hopefully the attached dose of undisputed documentation will expose some of the Attorney General’s motives and misrepresentations, and help us get the first fair hearing since this case was filed in February 2013.

In fact, the first hearing ever scheduled in this case is set for March 10 in Fulton Superior Court.  Through the attached exhibits we are asking the Court to see that the Attorney General’s misrepresentations have been mostly motivated by an effort to bar testimony about the Attorney General’s own misdeeds, and get this case out of the procedural rut and back on track to look at the facts.

See attached exhibits below

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