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My best buddy Aries passed away in April at the age of 15 1/2. He was the inspiration for this article to help keep your fur babies flea-free and healthy. RIP baby boy. You are deeply missed every day.

Flea season is no less than an epic battlefield for pet owners—fleas are a persistent foe that demands a tactical and budget-conscious game plan. No magic bullet exists, so a diverse arsenal is essential for maintaining the upper hand. This guide provides a strategic blueprint for managing flea treatments, with a particular focus on small dogs and cats. Yet, owners of larger canine companions, worry not, there’s valuable intel for you too. So, strap on your armor, it’s time to venture into the realm of budget-savvy, pet-friendly flea warfare.

(this is the updated version of my last article)

The Art of Flea Medication Dosage Splitting: More Bang for Your Buck

It’s an ironic twist of the pet pharmacy world: the active ingredients in flea treatments for small and large dogs are the same, yet the price tags remain identical. This makes flea combat a potentially bank-breaking affair. However, a savvy strategy exists to save significant funds: splitting flea medication dosages. Renowned products like Frontline, designed for 45-88 pound dogs, can be safely administered to your pint-sized pup, given the dose is measured correctly. This principle applies across the board with all flea medications.

This dosage-splitting tactic isn’t pulled out of a magician’s hat—it’s derived from consultations with multiple veterinarians and more than a decade of hands-on experience with animal volunteer groups and personal pets. The method has stood the test of time, proving both safe and effective.

The Quartermaster’s Checklist: 3 Essential Supplies for Dosage Splitting

To safely and correctly split your pet’s flea medication doses, you’ll need a few essential items in your arsenal:

glass vials
Glass vials to safely store excess

Glass Vials: Think of these as your mini storage units for surplus medication. A dozen-pack can be procured from Amazon at a pocket-friendly price. Keep the residual flea medication in these tightly sealed vials in a cool, dark sanctuary like a fridge. Sunlight or heat exposure could turn your potent potion ineffective.

Stub-Nosed Syringes: Your trusty tools for delivering precise dosages. Stock up a decent quantity as they can break, get lost, or the markings might fade over time. A 10-pack should suffice. Opt for a 3ml size or smaller, as you’ll typically be dealing with less than 1ml.

Flea Spot Treatment: A local store or an online platform can be your source, depending on your preference. Remember to snag the largest size possible for dosage splitting. For the canine crowd, K9 Advantix II, a triple threat against fleas, mosquitoes, and ticks, is a personal favorite. For the feline faction, Frontline Plus takes the cake.

When selecting a flea spot treatment, consider the following top-tier trio:

Stub-nosed Syringe for Accurate Dosage

K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Extra-Large Dogs, Over 55 Pounds (Warning: Do not use K9 Advantix on cats, it’s akin to feeding them poison)
Advantage Flea Control for Dogs Blue Over 55 lbs 4 month supply (Safe for cats)
FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Extra Large Dog, 89-132 Pounds, 6 Doses) (Safe for cats)

Stay clear of generic options—they can be as unreliable as a weather forecast

Dosage Guidelines for Flea Treatments

The below dosages are the fruits of countless consultations with various vets and years of hands-on experience. However, consider this as friendly advice from one pet owner to another—always consult with your own vet before introducing any changes to your pet’s flea medication regimen.

Frontline Dosage Guide- Safe for Dogs and Cats

frontlineIf you’re using Frontline Plus: The amount of fipronil in the dog version is the same as in the cat version. The “Plus” is methoprene, an insect growth regulator. There’s LESS of it in the dog product than in the cat product, so it’s safe to use the dog product on the cats but DO NOT use the cat product on a small dog.

Using a dog formulation on a cat will underdose this ingredient. An insect growth regulator, methoprene affects the development of the baby fleas and may reduce long-term flea control, but not anti-tick efficacy. If you have an indoor cat, the Frontline Plus for dogs should be more than adequate if your home is flea-free. If your cat also goes outdoors, it should still be enough, just use a flea comb to check for fleas.

Warning: Generic Frontline Plus for dogs may contain a different ingredient than the brand name. If a generic Frontline product contains something other than methoprene or fipronil it may not be safe on your cat. Always look at the key ingredients for your animal and confirm online from a trusted source they are safe for your cat if you buy and use the dog version. Cats are far more sensitive than dogs and more at risk.

Saving money on flea medicine is great but that means we have to be twice as careful to confirm not only we are using the correct dosage but also to double-check the ingredients. Please check your ingredients prior to using them on an animal it wasn’t made specifically for before use to ensure safety.

Cat Dosage for FrontlineThe dosage is 0.03ml per pound. A 10-pound cat only needs 0.3ml, not a whole 0.5 ml but up to .5 ml on a cat is perfectly safe. The largest Frontline Plus vial contains 4.0ml, which is enough to treat 133 pounds’ worth of cats.

Dog Dosage for FrontlineThe dog chart below can also be slightly modified. If you have a very small dog of around 5 lbs you would be safe at .55 ml for example. Or a dog at 22 lbs around 1 ml. If they are near the middle range between two categories you can spit the difference to be more accurate.


Cats 0.5ml on most most cats or use .03ml per pound
Dogs 0-22 pounds – 0.67ml.
Dogs 23-44 pounds – 1.34ml
Dogs 45-88 pounds – 2.68ml
Dogs 89-132 pounds – 4.0ml

Advantage Dosage Guide- Safe for Dogs and Cats

advantage iiPlease read before using. A Flea medication made by Bayer sold as Advocate or also sold as Advantage Multi and another product called K-9 Advantix have similar names but don’t use these on cats. Those products will harm and potentially kill your cat. Make sure you are only using Advantage or Advantage II on cats.

Advantage and Advantage II Dosage Chart

Cats up to 9 pounds – 0.4 ml
Cats 10+ pounds – 0.8 ml
Dogs 11-20 pounds – 1.0 ml (Advantage Multi can use this same chart but for dogs only)
Dogs 21-55 pounds – 2.5 ml
Dogs 55+ pounds – 4.0 ml

To further break down the Advantage dosage by weight alone:
0.4ml = 0-10 pounds
0.8ml = 11-20#
1.2ml = 21-30#
1.6ml = 31-40#
2.0ml = 41-50#
2.4ml = 51-60#
2.8ml = 61-70#
3.2ml = 71-80#

K9 Advantix II Dosage Guide – DOGS ONLY! Not Safe for Cats!

K9 Advantix or Advantix (Dogs Only) LET ME REPEAT, DOGS ONLY! 

k9(NEVER USE ON CATS) Advantix® just to say it again – NEVER USE THIS ON CATS. If you get Advantix® on your hands when splitting a vial for the dogs, do not touch your cat before thoroughly washing your hands with warm soapy water. And if you have a dog and cat and use this on your dog keep them separated until it completely dries.

.4ML Dogs under 9 lbs/4kg

1 ml Dogs 9lbs to 22lbs/ 4-10kg

2.5ml Dogs 22lbs to 55lbs. /10-25kg

4ml Dogs 55+ lbs/ 25+kg


Selamectin (Revolution®) Dosing Chart Revolution for Dogs and Cats requires a prescription from your veterinarian.

Revolution Teal 3pk 1000 e1684079163861The dose is 2.7 mg/lb (6 mg/kg) for dogs or cats:

Cat dosage chart

<5 lb = 0.13 ml

5-15 lb = 0.38 ml

Dog Dosage Chart 

5.1-10 lb = 0.25 ml

10.1-20 lb = 0.5 ml

20.1 -40 lb = 1.0 ml

Going the Extra Mile: Tips for Comprehensive Flea and Tick Control


If you have a bad tick problem I strongly suggest a good tick collar as well.

If ticks have declared war on your pet, spot-type treatments might be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Ticks can be a pain in the tail for dogs, transmitting serious diseases like Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, and others. These diseases don’t just pose a threat to your pets, but also to you. So, if you reside in an area known for ticks, consider armoring up with a good tick collar.


Trifexis warning for flea/heartworm control

capstar e1684080916345A word of caution with Trifexis—there have been whispers of it causing illness or even death in pets. When introducing any new medication, it’s wise to tread lightly. Start by administering half a dose to observe how your pet handles it, then dispense the rest after 5 to 6 hours. Trifexis is a premium product with a price tag to match—about $20 per tablet. If you’re a multi-pet household, this can add up faster than a greyhound on a race track. A more affordable, safe, and effective alternative would be Capstar.


You must also eradicate indoor fleas or they will reinfest your pet

precor concentrateIf the fleas keep coming back you may have a flea infestation. Simply keeping them off the pets won’t work if your house is infested. Flea sprays and flea bombs will also likely not stop them from coming back. It will kill the live ones but the eggs will hatch. I will tell you the absolute best method to completely eradicate fleas from your home. At least for a while because they will always return sooner or later but this will give you seven months of protection.

The first thing you will need is Precor. There are multiple options. I suggest the concentrate which is very inexpensive. You mix it with one gallon of water so that will easily treat your whole house. This has a growth inhibitor so affects the flea’s life cycle and stops them from reaching adulthood and laying eggs.

Unless you use a flea product like Precor that breaks their life cycle you are guaranteed to get reinfested every few weeks. It only takes one flea to reinfest your home. Precor protects your home for around seven months. All those flea bombs, Raid for fleas, and other sprays will not work for more than two weeks because most lack the IGR ingredient which disrupts their life and egg-laying cycle. Precor is widely recognized as a best-in-class IGR flea inhibitor.

Precor also comes as a pre-mixed spray or a fogger bomb that you may prefer instead of mixing it yourself. It is a bit expensive but you get what you pay for and this stuff works!!

Treating  Flea Allergies and  Skin Problems on your Dogs or Cat

lime sulfur dipIf your dog or cat develops rashes, spots, blisters, or brown spots, and no matter what expensive medicated shampoo, spray, or medicine you try doesn’t work,  I have a great tip for you to try. A Lime Sulfur Dip Now I am not suggesting you skip your vet visit. Let the veterinarian have a look and do a skin scrape. If your vet tells you that it is nonspecific dermatitis or non-specific allergies that is usually a code for they don’t have a clue and simply want to give it a name. Now sometimes a shampoo that contains Chlorhexidine like Malaseb and many others will do the trick, but oftentimes they won’t heal the skin problems completely and they might come back. In those cases, I would strongly recommend you try a lime sulfur dip.

A lime-sulfur dip is extremely safe and it also kills fleas better than anything! It is also very cheap so nothing to lose. At the worse, you will kill all the fleas and it might also clear up those skin problems that wouldn’t go away with any other product. One 16 OZ bottle will make a total of 4 gallons of solution which will last a very long time.

My suggestion is to use a sponge or spray to soak your dog or cat well. Be careful around the head with your sponge not to get it in the eyes, nose, or mouth but you do want to get the head area because fleas love to inhabit this area of your pet. You do not wash it off, it dries on your pet and you can reapply around once a week. It sort of reminds me of a Tea Tree oil smell. But the smell only lasts an hour or two so don’t worry that it will smell bad all week.

It really isn’t all that bad and just remember the agony and pain your pet is suffering from the flea bites and skin rashes so that will allow you to tolerate the smell till your pet is cured. If I had simply gone with a lime sulfur dip right away I would have saved around $150  on my miniature pomeranian for all those other shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and ointments that simply reduced the inflammation for a few days but never cured it. Learn from my experience and give a lime sulfur dip a chance.

It is great for Demodex mites, ringworm, mange, scabies, flea allergies, lice, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal. It is also just a great all-purpose skin treatment for your dog or cat when nothing else seems to work. Try it your pet will thank you.

Here is my miniature pom which had suffered from terrible allergies and hot spots and just experienced sheer misery that the vet couldn’t ever seem to treat. Well, a lime-sulfur dip cleared up all her irritations after four weeks of use and now I only have to do an occasional maintenance treatment. She is so much healthier and happier!

Pyrethrin  Flea Dip for Dogs and Cats

yuki 1A long time ago I found a poor stray kitten in my yard that was infested with fleas and I tried almost everything but nothing seemed to work was told by a vet about this flea dip After I dipped her in the solution I  could see the fleas full off and die for about an hour.. she was so much happier and then I could begin standard medication with Frontline. She is now almost 15 years old and I can’t imagine life without her. This is a great solution when your pet needs immediate relief.

Consider this as an emergency/quick-fix solution but it will not keep fleas off in the long term. It is just a quick fix.


Consider making or buying a flea trap to monitor if fleas have returned

flea trap 1
Flea trap

If you want to periodically test if the fleas are back a flea trap is a good idea. Here is the one I use but as a cost-saving tip, I suggest you do not buy those re-fill disks. Instead, I simply pour some soapy water into the dish instead. The fleas are attracted to the warmth and light and drown in the soapy water.

You can also make your own in a pinch. A dish with some soapy water and a tea candle will also work but you have to be careful to watch the candle as a fire hazard. Or maybe you have an old desk lamp you could use and convert into a flea trap with a dish. Just make sure the dish is not too high so the fleas can jump in easily and drown. The soapy water is actually far more effective than the sticky paper also which can dry out quickly allowing fleas to escape. The water is 100% effective. You need the soap though or they will jump out of the water so don’t forget a few drops.

Important – Don’t forget to Deworm yourself along with your dogs and cats!

Did you know that in addition to deworming your pets you should also dewormerdeworm yourself and your family?It’s true.  According to the CDC, there are more than 100 million cases of Americans with internal parasites inside of them right now. Dog or cat intestinal parasites can threaten the health not only of your pets but also threatens people, both adults and children. Studies show that at least 15% of the public has been in contact with roundworms. Please click here and educate yourself. Then after you know how to protect yourself, come back here and find out how to protect your pets.

Most intestinal parasites are spread through contact with feces. This can happen when your pet eats a wild animal, such as when cats catch mice. It can also happen when dogs eat things off the ground where an infected animal has previously been eliminated. The one exception to this rule is tapeworms, which are spread by fleas. When a dog or cat grooms an infested flea off themselves and eats it, the tapeworm larvae enter their system and set up shop in their intestines. The most common types of intestinal parasites in dogs and cats are roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms

Sentry X is a good broad-spectrum choice that is affordable. It kills tapeworms, and roundworms. and hookworms. Sentry X Large Dog   Sentry X Small Dog Another very good choice is Panacur C which uses Fenbendazole and kills all those worms as well as whipworms.

Boric acid and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade to control fleas

The next products you might want to add to your anti-flea arsenal are good old-fashioned 21u58GPvEtLBoric acid and Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. You should be able to buy these locally from a lawn and garden supply store or Wal-Mart or similar but I included the links to Amazon if you can’t find them locally.  Finally, you will need a dust dispenser. Here is the one I use. Simply combine about two or 3 parts of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade to 1 part of Boric acid. Mix them up well. Then dust your carpet, floors, under beds, chairs, and anywhere you think fleas might live.

Personally, I like to leave the boric powder on a full day. Some people say a few hours are enough but I rather err on the side of caution and 24 hours to kill as many as possible. Then vacuum and clean the powder. This combination seems to work far better than either powder alone. The powder coats the fleas and basically desiccates and kills them. This will do a good job of quickly and safely eradicating adult live fleas. Then spray your house with the Precor for any stragglers that survived. Putting a flea collar in your vacuum bag is also a good idea to make sure none survive. Boric acid or Diatomaceous Earth alone will both kill fleas but together they are far more effective.

Don’t forget to kill fleas in your yard

This stuff really works! I can vouch for zodiacthis product and use it strategically around shaded areas I know that tend to have fleas. Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray protect your pet by defending your yard from fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other pests. The Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray kills 60+ insects including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, and other wood infesting insects.

This spray is used to target your lawn, trees, shrubs, rose and flower gardens, and even trees without doing any harm to plants and animals. The full 32 oz jug treats up to 5,000 square feet and provides up to 4 weeks of pest control.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide will help you in your ongoing war to fight fleas. If you have questions please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer. If you have additional tips, techniques, or products you recommend please include those as well. I would especially like to hear how well you did after reading my guide so please post those comments as well.

Please remember you are in a war with fleas not fighting a battle. You must be diligent and consistent or they will return in force. I live in an area of Georgia well-known for large amounts of fleas and ticks so if I am able to win my war against fleas then so can you. Our pets are our children and they are helpless. It is your job as their protector to educate yourself and I hope this guide has helped.


By Alan Wood

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