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(Update: These kittens found forever homes!  😀 )

An 82 year old lady has been feeding a beautiful ( but human friendly feral) cat out of pity but the mother had kittens. The lady cannot take care of more cats so these 2 kittens need a forever home. They are extremely loving and friendly. They love to be held. They are around 5 maybe 6 weeks old now. They are not finicky eaters at all. They will eat any and all cat food. They have not had any shots but have been well fed. Unless a permanent home can be found for them unfortunately they will have to be taken to a shelter in a few more weeks since the 82 year old simply cannot take care of them. Looking for a loving home that will be able to return the affection of these very loving kittens. The mother is only about 1 year old also and she is also in need of a forever home as well. It would be wonderful to keep their little family together but the cat family can be separated to save their lives. 

They have unfortunately adopted the carport as their home and they love to stay behind the tires. She is worried to death she will run them over not to mention they are so loving they might make her fall when she walks to the car or front yard as they weave in and out of her legs. If you can give these loving kittens a forever home please leave a comment under this story and I can contact you or use the contact form to send an email. This is for people in the Macon or Warner Robins Georgia area. Please share on your Facebook as well or if you know anyone looking for kittens or the two adult 1 year old cats in the photo as well. The 2 kittens and the 2 one year old cats all need homes and all 4 are extremely loving.

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