Solution to Netflix Stall Error at 25% on Playstation 3 then Reboots

netflix_200x200Ever since Netflix updated their application on the PS3 from 2.1.7 to 2.1.8 I have experienced an error where Netflix stalls at 25% and will not load any further. When you try and quit the app your PS3 will reboot. Regardless of what Netflix tech support will tell you this is a problem with their app and not your Playstation 3,. I have finally found a solution that seems to work as a work around solution until they update the app. This is an extremely common problem with thousands of reports. It is random and sometimes occurs after 5 minutes and sometimes after longer periods of time.

Try This First

This is the quickest and easiest thing to try first. Start the Netflix App but while holding the X also hold the Start and Select buttons. On the screen it will ask you if you want to reset the app. Say yes and see if this solves the problem. (It may  work for you, it didn’t for me.)

Next Step to Try

Restart your router and your modem.

Then after they are back online, delete the Netflix app and then immediately delete the Netflix cache which is found  Game> Game Data Utility > Netflix

After you have done those steps download Netflix again and you will have to enter your email and password and sign in again. As soon as you start Netflix again it will inform you there is an update available. You can update the app and see if those steps fixed the issue. ( Again, It may  work for you, it didn’t for me.)

The Final Thing You Can Try Which Will Work

Assuming those solutions above didn’t work, this probably will but I saved it for last because it is a work around. It is important to do those steps above first to rule them out since they are permanent fixes. If they don’t work  then this is the last thing to try if Netflix is still stalling or hanging at 25% buffering then quitting causes your PS3 to reboot.

Basically it is similar to the last step above, but when you delete the Netflix app and clear cache this time you must make sure not to apply  update to 2.1.8. When it asks you to update after deleting then downloading the app you have to say yes by pressing the X but then immediately cancel by pressing O. The Netflix 2.1.7 will load and it should work. You will no longer see the 25% stall error.

But every time you start Netflix again it will ask you to update it. DO NOT UPDATE TO 2.1.8 because that update is causing the error. Just click ok by pressing  (X) then cancel the update by pressing (O). You will have to do this every time you open up the Netflix app again. As workarounds go, this one is at least fairly simple and painless and just require you to remember to press the cancel update button every time. If you ever accidentally install the 2.1.8 update, simply delete it and the Netflix cache in the Game Data folder as described above and reinstall 2.1.7 and you will be fine.

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Final message to Netflix: Please update your app and also please tell your tech support about this issue because they do not know. In fact the rep I spoke with thought this issue was solved long ago and claimed he had never heard about it rebooting the PS3 after the 25% hang error. Well I am here to tell you it is not solved and you need to issue an update.

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