To the People of Dublin and All of Laurens County

I have heard your voices and will be happy to work with you to give you a platform and any other assistance I can in your efforts to bring accountability back to your school system. It sounds as is you have a very good group of dedicated and vigilant citizens that are trying to look out for the students, teachers, and school system as a whole. It is wonderful that you have not only formed a group, but have also been collecting data. Please contact me using the contact form and we can begin working on an article with a clear timeline of all facts that include irregularities, We can also begin  to formulate a plan of attack to ensure that the stakeholders in Laurens county are being dutifully and ethically served by their elected and appointed officials in the school system. We have a lot of experience with this here in Bibb.  Be careful not to give the game plan away in the comments, let’s keep that secret for now and communicate by email or phone.



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