Olens Denies Former GPC President Tricoli’s Contract Exists

Former GPC President, Dr. Anthony Tricoli filed RICO charges against the Attorney General and the University System of Georgia. Many statements of fact in Tricoli’s case support the need for the jury trial he has requested. However, the AG is calling for sovereign immunity. The AG has not rejected one single claim made by Dr. Tricoli, and he has admitted that he has not investigated Dr. Tricoli’s claims or his case, yet the AG is arguing for sovereign immunity for the very individuals that Dr. Tricoli claims committed fraud and conspiracy among other crimes.

Sam Olens Claims Dr. Tricoli Not Entitled to Copy of Contract

In a DeKalb County Superior Court Hearing on 9-22-2014 the AG’s attorney argued that they knew nothing about an employment contract for the former college president (Dr. Anthony Tricoli presided over GPC for nearly six years as that college’s president). However, they suggested that Dr. Tricoli make an Open Records Request for such documents. After three Open Records Requests to the USG and GPC, the AG is now claiming that Dr. Tricoli was not, and is not “entitled” to a written contract. This is foot dragging and stalling at its best. Dr. Tricoli said he is amazed that the AG has taken up with those at the USG and GPC who committed the crimes, those who intentionally misled him and the college about the college’s real budget numbers, those who produced two sets of books, and now who refuse to release his contract for employment. Dr. Tricoli said, “The AG is defending the wrong people.” Frankly, we couldn’t agree more!


The attached two documents are the AG’s response to the information provided by Dr. Tricoli to the AG’s request for Admissions, and a second document focused on proof of Dr. Tricoli’s Contract Existence, a Motion for Sanctions, and a second response to the AG’s Response for Admissions.

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[…] Georgia must also take steps to put this blatant cronyism in our past. We cannot hope to evolve or prosper as a state when people of importance are hired and selected based simply on who they know or how much they donated to campaigns. This backwater mentality and flagrant lawbreaking is a cancer on our entire state that needs to be stamped out. Unless Federal agencies or perhaps a county district attorney step in I am not hopeful of any change in our course. The current Attorney General, Sam Olens, has not only overlooked numerous violations he seems to… Read more »