OEDEL: Environment of distrust

As former Bibb school Superintendent Romain Dallemand proved, Macon can be victimized by miraculous visions and sloganeering-style promises. The latest local catchphrase is the One Macon moniker under which an Atlanta consulting/marketing firm, Market Street Services, issued a glossy critique and numerous predictable “strategies” for Macon-Bibb County’s civic improvement.

The implementation strategies sounded like a laundry list of pet projects that some locals would like to get publicly funded because they can’t get them to survive on their merits.

David Oedel was by far the most intelligent and respected contributor that wrote for the Macon Telegraph. He is no longer listed on their website as a writer. I will not venture to speculate as to why he is no longer writing for them but I felt it important to link to this article because he raises some very important questions. I plan to write my own articles in the future to continue this conversation.

Below is a photo of former superintendent Romain Dallemand who quickly ran off to Haiti conveniently at the exact time when it became clear the mess he left behind might have some repercussions.



One Macon tri-chairman Cliffard Whitby of Promise Center fame, a close associate of Dallemand and the lucky recipient of a lucrative contract to help rehab Anthony Road’s Promise Center, lauded the One Macon name. “One Macon, just in the name, symbolizes so much,” he told The Telegraph. “We are finally recognizing that we must work together to make this a better place for every constituency, every political group, every social group, every economic group.”


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