New Discussion Board Up and Running so Join Today!

Current topics for discussion include the Cotton Street Mafia in Macon, Georgia’s New gun law, The Hobby Lobby decision, immigrant kids from Central America, Georgia’s elections, and  the Crisis in Gaza and Israel. So please join the forum which is very quick and easy, spread the word to all your friends, and let’s get the discussions and debates going. Start your own new topics on any subject of interest to you. Share photos, videos, links as well. Join today! Discussions on the Macon Telegraph are nearly dead now. The only partially active board for middle Georgia are a few Facebook pages but Facebook is not intended as a discussion replacement. No way to attack multiple images or videos, hard to edit, and posts move down timeline and get lost quickly. Our goal is to have the most lively and exciting discussion board in all of Georgia and we also have live chat options with other members.

Right now there are only a few categories and boards but as membership grows I can adjust both the board and category names as needed. If you operate a Facebook group or other website locally for example animal groups, education reform groups, charter schools, volunteer and charity groups, even softball leagues or a High school and want your own board I can create one for you. Discussion boards are not meant to replace your primary website or Facebook page but it can certainly be a valuable addition for more engaged debates on any given issue. Facebook quickly moves important info far to the bottom making it hard to find.



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