Middle Georgia News Summary Digest 07/09/14

Purrs and Paws may Lose their Location



That is a real tragedy for Macon’s animals. These people do great work and I hope someone reading this can help them find a new location before the animals that cannot get adopted out are forced to be euthanized at the shelter.

Purr’s N’ Paws has to find a new location for its more than 100 furry friends. “Our lease is not gonna be renewed come October, so we have three months to find a new location,” said Tiffany Rogers, assistant manager. Rogers said Purrs N’ Paws has been on Rocky Creek Road for about three years. She doesn’t think it’s realistic for the new owners to talk about upgrading the shopping center. “I honestly do not see us having a future,” Anne Brennaman, the founder of Macon Purrs N Paws, said.

Man found dead in motel bathtub identified

Leon Jones says 38-year-old David Hall was found dead Tuesday at the Value Place Motel on Bowman road. Jones says Hall is from Alabama and was working as a sub-contractor for Cox Cable when his body was discovered by the motel staff in room 412. No word as to the cause of death. 

Renovations may be in store for Macon Transport Authority Bus Garage Building 

Macon-Bibb County Commissioners are scheduled to vote Tuesday on turning over the Macon Transit Authority Bus Terminal to the city’s bus company.But first MTA is inviting the commissioners on Monday to tour the the building. In a building that is around 100 years old one has to wonder if it would not be cheaper to renovate one of the numerous vacant building far newer around town.

The Georgia Farm bureau is in support of immigration reform.

Assistant Legislative Director of the Georgia Farm Bureau Jeffery Harvey. “We need workers to harvest these crops, and if we don’t have a reliable workforce to harvest these crops it’s just going to push that production overseas,” Harvey says, “And at the end of the day it becomes a national security issue, and when we as a country can’t provide the food to feed ourselves, that is a concern…a real concern for the Georgia Farm Bureau.” surprise surprise that they would not want to hinder the flow of cheap labor. 

Kmart in Warner Robins to close in October

Anyone else get the feeling that Kmart as a brand and company closed long ago? As a child that was THE place to go as a kid. They seemed to have everything. But now it just seeks rather sad to visit a Kmart. I am sorry for the employees though.

A Man wanted for attempted Murder charge in Shooting in Houston County

 A Perry man is accused of shooting a woman in the front yard of an Elko home Tuesday night. Arrest warrants have been issued for Desmond Demund Ross, 22, on charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm in commission of a crime, authorities said.

Sayonara Welcome Center. Parents can Register Kids at Schools.

It was an idiotic idea and I for one am glad to see it go. Hopefully the over-paid welcome center employees will also get the boot since they were always extraneous personnel. The fact that many of them made far higher salaries than Bibb teachers who worked far longer hours was a slap in the face to all teachers. Good Riddance.

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