Laurens BOE…Political Dementia or Selective Memory

Why is it that the front page of the Courier Herald yesterday was plastered with an article from Dr. Rowe to “revisit” the building of two new middle schools on the west side of the county? That plan was voted down and a new facilities plan was already supposed to be in the works.  And more importantly why was he allowed to address the Board in a CALLED meeting without being put on the Agenda or does that only apply to concerned citizens who speak out against a board who has been the center of controversy for the past 10 months?

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From recent actions taken by LCBOE one can only  assume that “revisiting” the two new middle schools has been the hidden agenda of this board all along, or at least a portion of them. Was the public outcry from citizens, teachers, and parents not enough to put this idea to rest? In the farce that this board called “community forums” the public overwhelmingly let this board know that we do NOT want the debt or larger classroom sizes that will come from building two new middle schools.

At what point does this board remember that they are elected officials, not paid dictators! And why do we have so many called meetings to the tune of $500.00 per meeting Oh, and lets not forget how much we paid in “legal fees” for board attorneys to be at that meeting as well. Does it really take an entire school board, an architect, two legal teams and an 80 page report to answer a simple statement asked by a future board member?  If this board really was concerned with saving money, perhaps they could get their business in order and stop having so many called meetings and asking for legal advice to answer even the most mundane questions.

So, what’s really going on at LCBOE? Have they forgotten in just a matter of weeks that this plan was voted down or do they just choose to remember and push through their own Agenda after removing anything they feel is a threat? The actions of this board at this weeks called meeting leaves no question in many citizens minds about why Financial Director, Tim Passmore was demoted. It also calls into question many other decisions made by this board in recent months.

One thing is for certain, this board needs to be held accountable for their actions.

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