iPhone 6 Rumor Roundup

As the release date fast approaches, rumors and leaks are coming to us at a blistering pace. In this article I will try to sort them all out and concatenate them all together with what I feel are most likely to be seen in the released iPhone 6 in the Fall.

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Release Date: This one is easy. Pretty much the same time as years past. Most recent reports say that production is likely to begin next week. Foxconn has confirmed hiring 100,000 additional workers at their factory.  When people can actually get one in their hand’s is anyone’s guess, but somewhere around September 19 to 25th  seems to be the consensus of most rumor sites.

    Rumors suggest “iPhone 6” will feature:

  • Two screen size options of 4.7″ and 5.5″
  • All-new thinner design
  • Faster Apple A8 processor
  • Improved camera w/OIS
  • Sapphire front cover
  • Relocated lock button on upper right side
  • Next-generation iOS 8 operating system

Apple’s 2014 iPhone update is rumored to come in two different screen sizes larger than the current 4-inch display. Specifically, it’s been claimed that Apple will launch a 4.7- and a 5.5-inch iPhone, following the industry trend of larger displays.

The Taiwan-based Economic Daily News reported that Hon Hai Precision Industry, or Foxconn, will start mass producing the 4.7-inch phone in the third week of July.

Meanwhile, production for the 5.5-inch phone, dubbed a “phablet,” will start in the second week of August.

The report didn’t give specific dates for the start of production. It also didn’t say exactly when the phone will come out.

The news comes after an announcement that Apple is teaming up with former nemesis IBM in an attempt to sell more iPhones and iPads to corporate customers and government agencies.

The partnership announced Tuesday calls for the two technology companies to work together on about 100 different mobile applications designed for a wide range of industries. Big Blue and Apple working together again had to send some executives into panic mode at companies like Microsoft, Samsung, and Google. 

The new A8 chip is expected to have clock frequencies of 2.0 GHz or more for each core, and it will be built using the new 20-nanometer process, unlike the existing 28-nanometer A7 chip — clocking at 1.3 Ghz — found in the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, G4Games reported, citing Chinese media.

The 20-nanometer process, as noted by iDownloadBlog, offers smaller transistors, which helps make the processor smaller, requiring less energy.

The new A8 processor will continue to be based on the dual-core and 64-bit architecture, similar to the existing A7 chip, which is significantly better in performance than quad-core and octa-core processors found in Android-powered devices, G4Games said.Even though on paper the A series Apple uses seems to look slower than higher clocked quad cores used by rivals the efficiency of Apple engineers as well as the tight integration with iOS since Apple controls both the hardware and software means that a much slower clocked iPhone will usually be faster than an Android rival. This happened with the iPhone 5s that came out many months before the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a much slower clocked chip but bested the S5 on most tests that matter. Apple seems to care more about the actual user experience while Fandroids only seem concerned about specs no one cares about outside tech forums.

Whatever the rumors might be, the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 will be the best next-generation mobile of the year and the biggest update to the iPhone since the very first one.  Just sit back and enjoy the rumors for now. What are your opinions on the leaks, guesses, speculation, and rumors so far? What feature are you most looking forwards to?

iOS 8

Apple may be very secretive about the next iPhone but we have a lot of good info on iOS 8.

The sports and fitness industry is a massive one, with estimates indicating that the global fitness industry accounts for a staggering $49 billion. Fitness is then obviously a potential revenue stream that both Apple and Samsung have recognised as being potentially profitable. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear range of smartwatches have placed a significant amount of emphasis on fitness tracking capabilities. Now Apple is intending to answer that directly by placing such functionality at the core of both the iPhone 6 and the new iOS 8 operating system.

Apple may also have been paying heed to a report from the analytics firm Flurry. It suggests that health and fitness apps are exploding on Apple’s App Store, which may have contributed to Apple’s apparent strategy for the iPhone 6 and the mooted Apple iWatch. According to Flurry, the 6,800 apps Apple offers in the health and fitness category have grown in usage by nearly 2/3 during the last calendar year; nearly double the rate of all other apps.

iPhone 6 Sapphire vs Arrow (feat. Joe Rogan)

iPhone 6 Sapphire vs Sandpaper





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