Georgia Watchdog Special Issues Of Interest

It is vitally important for people to contact us with information, tips,  and reports of any ethical violations. As a watchdog group we will protect your anonymity first and foremost. Without whistleblowers and your tips we cannot investigate further.  Watchdog groups can only do good when the public is involved and decides to share your knowledge and information. If you have any tips concerning possible ethical or malfeasance issues involving any government or indeed private business entity in Georgia,  please contact us at the link below with any and all information you feel comfortable sharing. 

The number of people, topics, agencies, and issues is quite frankly overwhelming. This will require a large team of dedicated citizens to help unravel all the lies, deceit, deception, and possible malfeasance that has been a cancer in Georgia for decades. It is a very complex puzzle and I will need your help to help solve it. But for those outside of Georgia we also want to hear from you as well. Don’t let our name fool you, we have a large national and international audience so all corruption stories are welcome. 

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Below are some of the current areas of Interest and we hope to have articles written about in the coming weeks, months and years. If you have any pertinent information to share please do so. We will do our absolute best to never publish any unsubstantiated rumors or hearsay and be as factual as possible. Before any significant watchdog alert is published we will give the people named a chance to tell their version as well. There appears, at least if rumors are to be believed, an extraordinary amount of corruption, secrets, lies, malfeasance, and good old-fashioned incompetence here in Bibb County. It is time we as a community stood up and did something about it. With your help we can clean up Macon.

Corruption at the city, county, or state level regarding any government employee whether elected or civil servants

Abuse, overreach, or incompetence by government employees

Reports of Police abuse or brutality

Corruption at any state institutions especially those involving BOR or USG employees

Ramifications of the Dallemand Tenure and the missing $52 Million

Responsibility and Involvement of the current and former Board of Education of Bibb County 

The Promise Neighborhood involving Ballard Hudson

One Macon

The Macon Mafia AKA Cotton Street Mafia

Government Procurement and Contracts for certain People and Groups

Nepotism, Cronyism, and Bribes

Reports of abuse of power by Public Employees or Dereliction of Duty

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