Important sections added to the site

Please take a look at the menu. I have added a new section called Our Issues as well as a sub-menu item with our sister sites called Watchdog Links. 

If you would like to be added to the links page let us know.

Over the coming months and hopefully years, this section will be populated with a lot more information on important issues facing Middle Georgia and what you can do to contribute to making Bibb county a much better place to call home.

We will continue to post general interest stories about every topic under the sun and we still welcome all your article submissions. The purpose of this website is not only to investigate and inform about problems in the community but also to offer interesting, humorous, entertaining, informational, and uplifting stories as well. Our goal is to hopefully publish interesting content daily in addition to our watchdog monitoring capacity.

Please help contribute by submitting your own stories, videos, photo galleries, news tips, links, or anything else you feel would help contribute to our community.


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