Grandfather Shoots Son and then is shot and killed by Grandson

In a rather bizarre story out Kittrell, NC it appears an 84 year old grandfather shot his 49 year old son.  Lloyd Woodlief, 84, the grandfather was then shot by his 11 year old grandson  apparently because the grandson felt he was defending his father that had just been shot. The grandfather died a short time later from wounds suffered from the 12-gauge shotgun blast.

The 49-year-old son Lloyd Peyton Woodlief, had been shot with a 22-caliber pistol and was being treated at Duke Medical center in Durham. Details are still a bit sketchy but it appears the gandad fired first at his own son, then the grandson fired at the grandfather in defense of his own Dad. NO further details as to what precipitated this argument or why it led to firing weapons. Vance county police say charges are pending. 

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