Georgia GOP State School Superintendent Runoff July 22 Info

Mike Buck vs Richard Woods

I Have included links to both candidates websites as well as a video of the debate that was held on June 07th so that you can make up your own mind if you plan to vote in this runoff.

I will also include a few links from some websites that highlight their key differences. Basically the #1 key difference is Common Core. Buck Supports it and Woods is opposed. Common Core is an oft-maligned and also oft-misunderstood policy that gets a bad rap in my opinion. I do not think it is perfect but I also understand that all high performing counties in the world have high national standards to ensure students all over the country will all have to meet a national minimum standard and in my opinion that is a good thing. For that reason in this runoff I personally (At this point in time ) would lean towards Buck but please do your homework and research and reach your own conclusion.


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