Good vs. Evil: The story of Anthony Tricoli vs. Georgia’s Corrupt Government

The case of Dr. Anthony Tricoli is really one which replicates the story of David vs. Goliath. Anthony is representing all citizens of Georgia, whereas Goliath is the Georgia’s corrupt state government and its ill acting Attorney General. What is at stake here is whether or not state officials may be held accountable in any way by members of the public, under the law, for criminal conspiracies that, according to the legislature, harm the State and its people. One judge said Tricoli has done more than enough to make his case and earn his day in court.

Dr. Tricoli is determined, standing tall and is obstinately facing Goliath with sling and rock in hand. And while he has good, right, truth, integrity and ethics on his side; will he get justice from the criminal justice system in Georgia? Unfortunately, the good guys typically don’t win, especially not here in Georgia. But if he does, its a win for all of us!

The case of Anthony Tricoli provides a critical opportunity for the Georgia Supreme Court to decide whether Watts, Carruth, Tarbutton, Huckaby et al. are immune to claims for a pattern of criminal predicate acts brought under the Georgia RICO statute. That includes claims for a malicious campaign intended to destroy Anthony Tricoli’s livelihood and career, in retaliation for interfering with the illegal use of state funds, by knowingly falsifying state agency reports, broadcasting false claims about state business over the airwaves, and otherwise making knowing misrepresentations of matters under the jurisdiction of the state in felony violation of OCGA 16-10-20.

It should not be forgotten that it was a pattern of RICO predicate acts that wrecked Georgia Perimeter College, as well.

“The novel questions raised by the scheme that targeted Anthony Tricoli, and nearly destroyed an entire state institution offering access to higher education, are the most important this Court could entertain, reaching the most basic precepts of the accountability of the government to the governed. According to the Attorney General, the trial court, and the Court of Appeals majority—the citizens of Georgia have absolutely no recourse against even the most sinister, self-serving schemes hatched by state officials. The malice aforethought and the seriousness of the harm to the individual supposedly do not matter.” Stephen Humphreys

“It is documented and alleged that all this havoc was created by state officials who, as the dissent pointed out, did not merely breach a common law tort duty to Anthony Tricoli, but who committed a pattern of related criminal predicate acts, by abusing the power they held by virtue of their positions within a “governmental entity”—as explicitly prohibited by the Georgia RICO statute.” Stephen Humphreys

This is a case of great gravity and concern to determine whether state officials may be held accountable in any way by members of the public, under the law, for criminal conspiracies that, according to the legislature, harm the State. That is especially true in a case, like this one, where the Attorney General the public might count on to deter such criminal conduct, through criminal prosecution, is instead defending the alleged wrongdoers and arguing that they are immune even if they are guilty of the crimes. That makes sovereign immunity a carte blanche for criminal impunity in the halls of state government. The Georgia RICO Act can provide a remedy that is consistent with our values, as embodied in the very words of our Constitution, that no government official, no matter how powerful, stands beyond accountability to the people under the law, when acting with deliberate intent to harm another. That will not result in a flood of lawsuits against bookkeepers who make an honest mistake. It does not protect a budget official who knowingly falsifies the financials of a state agency to hide the theft of funds. It allows us to guard against a King or Queen of Hearts who can run around shouting “off with their heads,” completely uncontested, as happened, in fact, to Anthony Tricoli.

KUDOS to attorney Stephen Humphreys for writing a beautiful and clear argument. We’ve all heard, “the proof is in the pudding”. If that’s true, then this Petition is some great pudding that would be impossible to refute.

Hang tough Anthony, we are all praying that you win…..for all of us.


Tricoli Petition’s Georgia Supreme Court

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The USG is guilty of breaking many laws here in this case. I hope the USG refuses to give Tricoli a cash settlement. For that would be their undoing. If this case makes it before a jury, Tricoli will never have to work again.

Petition Proves Crimes
Petition Proves Crimes

This “Petition” by Tricoli to the GA Supreme Court is incredible, actually it is very credible. The data provided here makes it absolutly certain that crimes were committed by USG officials. Tricoli should have never been removed. The USG employees that did this should not be protected by sovereign immunity, instead they should be sent to prison for a federal crime.

Tricoli Petition’s Georgia Supreme Court proves crimes against Tricoli were made.

I Read the Court Documents and I Agree
I Read the Court Documents and I Agree

I read the court documents and I agree that crimes were committed in the GPC situation. It appears to me that a budget issue never existed at GPC except some stuff screwed up in HR, but that had nothing to do with Tricolli. I am of the belief that Tricolli was set up and made a scape goat in order to cover up the desire to merge GPC under Georgia State U. If Tricolli gets his day in court he will likely win millions.

Down to Earth College President
Down to Earth College President
One of the things I like most about Anthony is that he will never ask you to do anything (and I mean anything) that he won’t do, or hasn’t already done himself. He is the epitome of a walk the talk man. He is very down to earth, he’s taken more than one pie in the face and he’s been dunked in a water tank more than once to help students. Any leader who is willing to get his own hands dirty, or who can laugh at himself and not take life too seriously is the kind of person I… Read more »

Dr. Tricoli has always been on the side of trust and truth. He is a man of strong ethical behavior and integrity, and he encouraged others to follow suit by always taking the high road. I enjoyed working with him for 5 years, and I would do it again without question if I had the opportunity. He is the best boss and colleague that I’ve ever had.

What a Scam!

Dr. Tricoli’s case exposes the fraud and corruption that occurs regularly with government officials. This case cannot be resolved until Dr. Tricoli is exonerated, the guilty are in prison, and the full amount of money that has been stolen is returned to Georgia taxpayers. The people deserve it!


Anthony Tricoli has been fully exonerated by the good people of Georgia, see below:

Now all we have to do is put those who committed fraud, and RICO crimes behind bars. I have so much respect for Dr. Tricoli for not giving up in the face of such overwhelming odds.

Tom H.

Tricoli is a good man.