Father of Georgia hot car death toddler ‘sexting’ while baby left to die

The biggest story this week in Georgia and possibly the country has been the tragic death of a very young child from heat exhaustion after being trapped in a car in the scorching heat of a Georgia summer. the 22-month old boy died from hyperthermia after being trapped in the car for for around 7 or more hours. For anyone that has ever opened your car after being left in the sun for even a short while and then you are hit with a blast of hot air when you open the door, try to then imagine being trapped in there for hours at many degrees hotter. What a painful and horrible way for anyone to die, let alone an innocent young child.

When I first heard about this story I immediately felt some degree of sympathy for the family. Of course I also thought that this guy was an idiot but I never assumed there was any malicious intent either. But it wasn’t long before the public learned of some very troubling facts that have been trickling out. Perhaps the reason we are all so transfixed by this tragedy is the idea that a father could ever commit filicide. But the killing of family members is not as uncommon as you think. In fact there is actually a laundry list of terms depending on the relationship. How many of you knew that uxoricide is the act of killing your wife, or nepoticide is the act of killing a nephew. I know of no term used for the killing of a cousin so no reason to fear them at family reunions.

The reason people the sympathy has been replaced with shock, anger, and disgust toward Justin Ross Harris, the father, is because we learned that while his child from in excruciating agony he was sexting among others a 16 year old girl. We also learned the young boys head would have been visible over the car seat since a mannequin that was smaller was used in a simulation. There is also a whole list of rather bizarre action the dad took when he exited the car.

A witness who performed CPR on Cooper after Harris stopped his car and pulled the boy’s body out, described Harris as “messing around” on the scene, according to Stoddard.

Stoddard also had this to say about Harris’ behavior at the police station (where he was being watched on camera): “He started off trying to work himself up… He’s walking around, rubbing his eyes. It looked like he’s trying to hyperventilate himself… no tears, no real emotion coming out except for the huffing as I would put it.”

During the day, while at work, Harris was having conversations with up to six different women, according to Stoddard. Explicit photos were exchanged, with Harris even allegedly sending a picture of his erect penis to a 16-year-old girl, according to Stoddard.The couple also had $2,000 and $25,000 life insurance policies on their son, according to Stoddard, who also said Harris’ wife “was complaining about [her husband’s] purchasing, sporadic purchasing or overcharging credit cards.”

We also have the internet searches not only about how long it takes for an animal to die from heat if trapped in a car but also Harris visited a subreddit about “people who die,” which shows videos of people dying (suicide, executions, war, etc.). He also visited a subreddit called child-free and searched the Internet for “how to survive in prison” and “age of consent for Georgia.”

Although it still remains possible this father was simply a complete an utter fool lacking any morals or common sense, it is increasingly becoming harder to ignore the possibility that this was pre-meditated murder by a very evil and disturbed individual.





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