Ever wondered if there was an easy way to share screens? There is…Surfly to the rescue

Sometimes, it’s just easier to show someone what you’re doing instead of explaining yourself. Over the web, that can be difficult, but Surfly makes it a bit easier. Screen sharing has been made ridiculously easy with Surfly which allows you to surf the web with your friends, family,  and your coworkers. You simply type in a URL, and Surfly takes care of the rest by generating a code that you can share with anyone. This means you can watch videos, shop, or even let remote workers join in on meetings.To use the service, you simply create an account and start browsing. You can then share a link to your session from which anyone can join you. The person who started the session will control the browsing, but anyone can view what you’re doing, making it great for demonstrating how to do things to the less tech savvy among your friends.

Check out the video walk through below or visit Surfly here.


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