Ending Spending Action Fund Throws in $2 Million More in Negative Ads against Nunn

The AJC reports  the Ending Spending Action Fund is back in force with their wallets open. The conservative Super PAC that has pounded Democrat Michelle

Nunn for much of the year is putting up another $2 million on a two-week television and radio advertising buy, The Washington Post reports today. The group told the Post that it will stay active through Election Day.

The PAC has attacked Nunn for much of the year in various ways, from the traditional TV and radio spots, to a hit website, to a banner at the Georgia-Clemson game. It was also the first to use the “terrorist grant” attack (above) that has been widely debunked and denounced.

Ending Spending has liked to zig where others zag in this race: It went after Nunn while the GOP primary combatants were going after each other — and even took a swipe at Rep. Phil Gingrey, who was considered a weak general election prospect. FEC filings show it has spent $1.5 million attacking Nunn this year.

Although they purport to be independent they only target Democratic candidates or Republicans they feel would lose in general elections. Around 90% of their money is spent of negative advertising. This additional $2 million will bring their total spent against Michelle Nunn to around $3.6 million which places her second only behind Gary Peters of Michigan where they have spent over $5 million in attack ads.



Open Secrets reports that Ending Spending is a conservative 501(c)4 group that focuses on federal spending and the national debt. The group originally targeted earmarks, but broadened its message to include balancing the federal budget and paying down the national debt. The group was founded by Joe Ricketts, the former CEO of TD Ameritrade and a known conservative backer. Brian Baker, the current president of Ending Spending, was an adviser to former Sens. Robert Dole and Richard Shelby. The group does not disclose its donors, and its money goes towards electioneering expenses.

Discloses Donors? PARTIAL
Viewpoint: Conservative
Type of group:  SUPER PAC

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Total Independent Expenditures: $10,744,319
For Democrats: $0
Against Democrats: $8,627,537
For Republicans: $670,968
Against Republicans: $1,572,604
Total Electioneering Communications: $0

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