Declaring Our Independence Through Education

Although our nation’s commitment to education runs deep, we’ve also long been suspicions about what those kids were really learning. Ben Franklin was pretty sure that some of the guys up at Harvard were largely being schooled in cultivated condescension, and populist criticism of higher ed today rightly condemns the amenities arm race through which supposedly rigorous schools pander to the worst instincts for luxury, partying and callousness. Colleges may be selling the full spa experience to wanna-be investment bankers, but families are often borrowing heavily only to discover that the college diploma is no sure ticket to economic self-sufficiency.Declaring Our Independence Through Education

Just tell me one thing. Will my daughter have a job and not be moving back home after she graduates from your university? That’s what a dad asked me at a Wesleyan University information session caught on film for the recent higher-education documentary Ivory Tower . Traditionally, a college […]

Happy 4th of July! This article explores the idea that liberty and freedom requires more than just a strong military. It also depends on an educated and involved populace. On this day of our nation’s independence we need to remind ourselves that our country was founded by the geeks and nerds of their day. These were very scholarly men and many of them were voracious readers who understood the importance of education and knowledge. They had no internet and indeed not even electricity or libraries. Today with the internet and smartphones we have become a rather lazy society and always seem content to get just a blurb or twitter feed instead of reading books or studying a subject in-depth. It is important to ensure that we remember the American promise of ensuring all Americans have access to affordable and quality education. 

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