What does the California Patrol and Israeli Security Forces Have in Common?

Well this week at least they share the embarrassing distinction of both being caught on video pummeling and beating mercilessly far weaker opponents that didn’t deserve it. Everyone understands restraining people whether they are a 15 year old boy or a woman but since when does restraining also involve kicking in the ribs while they are on the ground or smashing them in the face repeatedly.

The video posted online below appears to show Israeli police officers beating a 15 year old Palestinian-American boy after his detention on Thursday during protests in East Jerusalem that followed the death of his cousin, a teenager who was kidnapped and killed two days earlier.

Relatives said that video recorded from two angles by witnesses showed two masked police officers hitting and kicking the boy, Tariq Khdeir, 15, a high school sophomore from Tampa, Fla., as they took him into custody with 11 others. A police spokesman, Micky Rosenfeld, accused the boy of “attacking security officers and rioting,” but his father, Salah Abu Khdeir, told The Associated Press that he had witnessed his son’s arrest and insisted that he was not involved in any violence. “I asked my son, ‘Did you throw rocks?’ He said, ‘No,’” Mr. Abu Khdeir said in an interview with CNN.


The next case of excessive use of force comes to us from Southern California which has a long history of police brutality.

Here’s how KABC described the incident. “An arrest so violent, it is hard to watch … She started to walk down the on-ramp and then turned around and came back up and crossed lanes of traffic, endangering herself and the motoring public.” (Via KABC)

olice say it happened just before 6 p.m. July 1 near an on-ramp on I-10. KCBS reports the California Highway Patrol officer punched the woman more than 10 times while he was sitting on top of her.

Highway patrol did not cite a specific charge against the woman, only saying she endangered the public by wandering along the highway and that she had been arrested and taken to the hospital for a mental and physical evaluation. Accusations of brutality and excessive force have proved a reccurring problem for the L.A. area.

According to KNBC, the police officer involved in the video has been put on paid administrative leave. The highway patrol would not identify the office


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