Apple poaches Swiss watch exec for iWatch launch

If it ticks like an iSwatch, chimes likes an iSwatch,  and involves the poaching of a respected TAG Heuer executive then it is likely safe to say the rumors of an Apple smart watch likely to be called an iWatch is becoming less a question of “if” but rather “when”.

The name of the executive hired by Apple was not revealed. A source directly familiar with the Apple hire confirmed that the Cupertino-based company hired Patrick Pruniaux late last month. Pruniaux is not just any “Sales Director:” he was the Vice President of Sales and Retail, a major loss for Tag Heuer and a significant hire for Apple in the run up the launch of the Apple smart watch in October. Rumors have been circulating for months over when Apple plans to introduce a smart watch. Samsung introduced what can only be described as a complete flop earlier in the year. Without Apple to copy from they don’t tend to do very well. We can presume that once Apple finally introduces their smart watch the photocopiers in Seoul will go into overdrive and their next version will unsurprisingly resemble the one Apple should introduce very shortly. But like their phone knockoffs the imitation never is as good as the real thing.

This leads some to believe that Apple is reaching out to Swiss watchmakers for some sort of partnership or collaboration which in my opinion would be a fantastic idea. People simply no longer wear watches except as bling, habit, or age. But a watch based on Swiss quality in terms of design, quality, and craftsmanship combined with that same level of perfection, attention to detail, and sophistication provided by Apple would be a dynamic synergy that could bring an entire new generation of watch wearers into the 21st century. Apple, take my money already!

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