Apple to introduce the iPhone 6 at Media Event on Sept. 9

There is a lot of buzz today about a big Apple media event scheduled for Tuesday, September 9. It is expected that Apple will reveal the next-generation iPhone 6 at this event.

Word spread of the event via Jon Paczkowski of Re/Code who has been very accurate with past events. The rumors are the iPhone 6 will arrive in two models with screen sizes of 4.7″ and a larger one at 5.5″.

Given the number of leaked photos of parts for the 4.7″ iPhone 6, I would wager this is 99.9% confirmed at this point in time. We may not know all the details or have an exact photo of the final design, but we can pretty much bet the bank that Apple will release a 4.7″ model.

The 5.5″ is a bit more iffy. There have been very few leaks about this model. There has also been a lot of speculation that it may be delayed until a later release. Some have said one month later, other reports speculated as long as three months later, and still other rumors guessed it might  be delayed until next year. The 5.5″ model is the biggest question mark for this event.

Release Date

Historically Apple has released Friday week after the media event for new iPhones. If they decided to maintain their precedent (which is likely) that would mean a probable release date of Friday, September 19th. What we can be certain of is the iPhone 6 will feature the new and much speedier A8 CPU that will likely be the fastest CPU of any smartphone at release. The A7 in the iPhone 5s still holds it’s own against phones that were released long after the 5s.

As of the posting of this article press invites have not yet been sent, but both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal are also reporting this date. Press releases will likely go out within the next few weeks. Sales for the iPhone 6 are expected to be massive and far larger than any previous model. Not only is their a lot of pent-up demand by current iPhone owners but there is also expected to be a significant group of Android switchers that have wanted an but avoided it due to their preference for a larger display.

Unfortunately for Samsung it looks like the next big thing really is almost here. Read here for more on the problems facing Samsung. The iPhone 6 is also likely the final death Knell for ailing Blackberry as they desperately try and maneuver to stay relevant. Microsoft has also had a very difficult time gaining any traction with their Nokia Windows Phones.

There is also speculation that Apple could include a “One more thing” and introduce the rumored iWatch as well. It is also probable we will finally see an update to the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini would likely not get much coverage at the event and would probably just be a quiet update on the online store with little fanfare unless it has undergone major changes.The other surprise could be a new AppleTV. Historically, Apple likes to give one major product launch the full focus and attention at an event. For that reason it is far more likely this event will be strictly about the iPhone 6 and iOS 8.

The long wait for the iPhone 6 that began the day after the announcement of the iPhone 5s is nearly over. There is little question this will be the biggest update to the iPhone since the very first version and sales will likely reflect that. If you want one on launch day be prepared to stand in a very long line.

Rumors suggest “iPhone 6″ will feature:

  • Two screen size options of 4.7″ and 5.5″
  • All-new thinner design
  • Faster Apple A8 processor
  • Improved camera w/OIS
  • Sapphire front cover
  • Relocated lock button on upper right side
  • Next-generation iOS 8 operating system
Below is a gallery of some artist renderings of what we might see at the event.

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