I am not the American Comeback Committee!

Recently I have been receiving a lot of very angry letters that have the mistaken idea that I am the one responsible for all those annoying phone calls and fliers in the mail. So let me set the record straight once and for all.

I am not the American Comeback Committee PAC!


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.45.58 AMApparently this is the cause of the confusion. If you search for that term here are the results on Google. There are over 1,000,000 results for that term and I suppose I should feel honored that my site appears 3rd on the list on the very first page of search results. In fact I have written several articles attacking all these PACs including the American Comeback Committee which is why my site appears.  This PAC is actually run by the RGA (Republican Governor’s Association) I suppose since my site has the word Georgia in the name they assume I am responsible.

I actually am honored in a way that with over 1,000,000 search results my little blog shows up right on the front page. Those PACS spend tens of millions and I just used good SEO techniques. But then again most of these PACS do not want you to find them or know who they are. If you look closely you can see the word “tag” in the name on my URL. That is just a way to help people find articles by using relevant terms.

If you want to contact the American Comeback Committee, here it is. Chris Christie deserves your outrage and anger not me. They are the ones sending you all those fliers, calling you, and running all those TV ads. I wish people would pay me that kind of money to expose them but alas they don’t. Instead I just receive threats. Feel free to donate though if you are among the people that threatened me. Even better if someone from the real RGA or even Chris Christie happen to read this letter it would be a great gesture to send some PAC money my way for all the nasty hits I have taken for you.  😎

Some of the letters have been especially vicious. Here is one example with personal details redacted. Others were far worse with actual threats of physical harm. This was actually one of the nicer ones where no mention of breaking my bones appeared.

Comment: I need my mailing address removed from ALL political TRASH mail !!  I am getting mail for my neighbor at this address and I do NOT want any more political BS mailed to this address!! We are inundated with this junk multiple times every hour every day!!  My address is              , Harlem GA 30814  My neighbors name is Ms          !  They also do NOT want your political BS coming  to them!!  Some one unknown to us has SOLD my address for four different neighbors in this area  If your political CRONIES were worth any votes, this kind of harassment would be stopped!!  ALL the candidates in GA this year are made out to be LIARS by the STUPID Party ads!  NOT one are worthy of my vote, because if half of the trash told on them is true, the3y are all crooks – would really fit in with our DICTATOR AND HIS CRONIES IN WASHINGTON!!  no more OF YOUR bull shit!!!


When I point out their mistake I get a few different reactions. Some people call me a liar and refuse to admit they lack common sense or made a mistake. Others simply do not reply. Apologies and admitting their mistake are by far are the fewest in number. You would think after making such an egregious error and attacking an innocent person you would have the decency to at least apologize. There are a lot of angry people in the world. Hopefully this article will quell any more nasty emails at least until the next election when I expose these PACs all over again.

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