America Loss To Germany not looking so bad today after 7-1 loss by Brazil

Talk about a shell shocked country. I would not want to be wearing a German jersey in Rio for a while. 7-1? I unfortunately missed the game itself and when I first saw the score I thought it was a mistake. That looked much more like a baseball score that a soccer score. Brazil did not lose, they got shellacked, pummeled, or annihilated. Personally my favorite teams besides the U.S.A. are Spain and Argentina. I lived in Sevilla long ago but still will always have a special place in my heart for España. They also embarrassed themselves by exiting so quickly but at least they never lost 7-1 so there is that.

I am a fan of Argentina because I have travelled there and fell in love with the country and people. It truly is an amazing country with some of the friendliest and most wonderful people I have ever met in my travels. You really feel like you are in a great European capitol city in Buenos Aires.

I hope any German or Dutch fans will not be mad at me because your countries were equally amazing. Perhaps because I speak Spanish fluently I was better able to connect with the people and culture than I was able to do in Germany or Holland. I also spent far longer time in Argentina so was able to meet more local people as opposed to simply visiting tourists destinations.

So who do you think Germany will face? Argentina or the Netherlands?


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