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At GWMAC  we believe that advertising should be consistent with our efforts as a social enterprise to support the local communities here in Middle Georgia. The best ads are those that are tailored to local communities by busnesses that operate locally and promoted by local businesses. Advertising not only supports the operation of our service, but when a local business advertises on GWMAC, revinue from their ad returns to the community as does the revenue from the customers.

We will work with you on very reasonably priced ad campaigns. The price depends on ad size, placement, and other factors. We will work with you to find something that works for your business regardless of your technical expertise or budget.  Our campaigns are affordable and easy to manage. No banner ad? No problem, we can design one for you or easily convert your print ads into digital versions.  Our goal is provide local, small businesses with a new way to target and access their customers.

This is a new website but the growth has been exponential in a very short time. I have a long history of marketing for smaller companies without million dollar ad budgets. I have also been creating and managing website globally for over 15 years. In fact the original name for GWMAC stood for Guerrilla Web Marketing And Consulting before I decided to move on to new adventures and moved back home to Macon. I also have a great deal of experience as a journalist writing for nationally syndicated newspapers in Asia. The advantage of choosing to start a campaign with us now as a new web site is you will get reduced rates. Once our traffic increases so will our advertising prices. You can lock in a discounted price now for all of 2014. Prices can vary considerably based on your needs and banner sizes and requirements so please contact us for more information and a quote.

Are you tired of spending big bucks on old media like print, TV, and radio locally or Google Ad campaigns that show next to no results for all your expensive click campaigns?

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Unlike Google Adsense that charges you per click for customers that are not your target audience, I will only charge you based on ad placement and ad size regardless of how many clicks you get. You pay only one price regardless of how many clicks and referrals you receive to your website or business. We also do a Groupon like promotion that has been extremely successful in other markets that I can organize for you. Think of it exactly the same way print media charges for ads. Contact us today to lock in prices for very reasonably priced banners and promotions. The other advantage to local advertising is your ads will be immune from ad blockers that nearly everyone now uses to block ads. Additionally I am an expert at giving you advice about SEO and others ways to use fee social media and many other techniques to increase your online exposure that will result in more people visiting your brick & mortar stores.